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2 Great Reasons to Secure Your Bumper Lip With Screws

Most (if not all) bumper lips, including the All-Fit Lip Kit, come with 3M adhesive. While it's excellent stuff, it's no substitute for a physical connection.

While 3M adhesive can make a bumper lip stick securely to the bumper for period of time, there's no guarantee that it'll stay on indefinitely. Most aftermarket lips, spoilers, and splitters require the use of screws or rivets to secure them to the vehicle. In some cases (like with large splitters), screws are combined with support struts that also screw into the bumper.

You might be wondering why you would need to secure your bumper lip to your bumper with screws or rivets if it already comes with 3M adhesive. As great as 3M adhesive is, it's not always a foolproof way to securely attach a bumper lip to a bumper. Here are 2 reasons why:

1. 3M Adhesive May Not Bond Correctly if Your Bumper isn't Perfectly Clean

3M adhesive can fail if it becomes contaminated. That means if you don't get your bumper perfectly clean, the adhesive might not bond correctly. That's why it's always recommended to thoroughly clean your bumper with rubbing alcohol before affixing the bumper lip to it.

However, even if you clean your bumper very well, the bumper lip still might not stick because your bumper may have been manufactured with a thin coating of PVC.

2. Many Bumpers are Made With a Thin Coating of PVC

While a PVC coating is great for protecting the paint, it makes it almost impossible for adhesive to bond correctly. So securing your bumper lip with screws is necessary on a bumper with a thin coating of PVC.

Ultimately, 3M adhesive works great on its own, but it's not always fully compatible with bumpers. That's why it should be used an installation aid in addition to screws or rivets.

All-Fit Lip Kits Come With OEM-Grade Hardware

At All-Fit, we offer both OEM-grade self-tapping screws and rivets in all of our All-Fit Lip Kits. There's enough hardware to install a screw and washer every 12 inches around the bumper. Either attachment method can be used along with the 3M adhesive tape. For more information on using screws or rivets to secure your All-Fit bumper lip to your bumper, take a look at this set of installation instructions.


An All-Fit lip being affixed to a bumper with self-tapping screws. Screen grab from All-Fit's installation video.

Got any questions about securing your bumper lip with screws? Let's get in touch! We'll be happy to answer your questions!