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Mustang GT lip Kit

The Ford Mustang is an American staple unlike any other vehicle on the road. If you’re a proud Mustang owner with an interest in adding aftermarket accessories to your prized possession, you’ve come to the right place.

All-Fit Automotive has an All-Fit Mustang lip kit that affixes to the bumper of your vehicle and adds a perfect visual element unlike any other, and we’re excited to be able to provide a product that’s both high-quality and affordable.

All-Fit’s Mustang Lip Kit

Mustang lip kit

Our Mustang lip kit is a fully protective, visually enhancing accessory that is commonly sought by car enthusiasts and Mustang lovers. It’s designed with both quality and durability in mind and comes to you fully prepared to withstand any type of weather conditions you throw at it, no matter what.

What’s unique about our lip kit is it doesn’t require an expert automotive technician or mechanic to install. As a kit, it comes complete with all the necessary materials, including best-in-class 3M tape for a premium hold, washers and self-tapping screws and, of course, our top-quality lip. All-Fit ensures that quality is always a priority and never compromised in any situation, so that our clients always receive a product they can count on.

The All-Fit Mustang lip kit is a reliable, durable accessory, whether you’re planning on installing a lip for the next few years or the entire life of your vehicle.

Compare Our All-Fit Lip Kits with Other Products

Mustang lip kit

We’re often asked how our kit compares to competitor products. This one is easy! Our All-Fit Mustang lip kit stands out among the competition in two key areas: durability and product life. Specifically, the design of the product allows our  lip kits to outlast the life of many vehicles they’re installed on, while competing lips out there need to be replaced after a few years. You don’t have to wear about lifespan if you select All-Fit.

Durability is another one of our best qualities. Our lip kits are designed to last in any driving environment, whether we’re talking sleet and snow or dust and sand. It’s all good with the All-Fit Mustang lip kit.

Find Out More

Shop All-Fit Automotive today to get your own lip kit for your Mustang. If you’re still not sold on selecting our lip kit for your Mustang, contact us today so we can address questions or doubts you might have. Click here to view of full selection of lip options, you can also visit our homepage to read more about our lip kits.

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