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Honda Prelude Lip Kit - Blog| All-Fit Automotive

Honda Prelude lip

A Honda Prelude Lip Kit to Make A Good Car Even Better

Just like the car it’s installed on, a Honda Prelude lip kit from All-Fit Automotive is the perfect combination of style, performance and affordability. With big impact for a small amount of dough, a lip kit gives you a seriously customized look and upgrades your car’s performance to match your driving style.

Custom Detail for a Personalized Look

Honda Prelude lip kits give your car a customized look but can be pricey. With an All-Fit kit, taking your car’s style to a head-turning level is surprisingly quick, easy and affordable. With a subtle color accent and a full 1.5 inches of added depth, All-Fit universal lip will transform your car’s personality with a more dynamic and aggressive road profile.

Made to Last As Long As Your Car

As a Honda owner, you know the value of superior quality and won’t settle for anything less in a Honda Prelude lip kit. When you use All-Fit Automotive products, you get that same premium performance from a strong, heavy-duty lip that is made to last for the life of your car. All-Fit offers the highest-quality universal lip kit in the industry. It’s made of premium U.S.-manufactured material to shield your car vehicle from scrapes, bumps, dings, scratches, and marks caused by curbs, driveways, debris, gravel and snow piles under normal driving conditions. It is tear-resistant, flexible and durable.

Convert Your Car in Minutes

You don’t have to be an experienced detailer or car customizer to transform your car’s look in minutes. The All-Fit universal lip kit is so easy to install that you can just grab a pair of scissors and a handheld screwdriver and you’re ready to go. Unlike other products and Honda Prelude lip kits on the market, the All-Fit kit comes with all the materials you need for a proper, secure installation that will last the life of your car.

Automotive grade authentic 3M tape is pre-installed and heat bonded to the lip for a clean, permanent bond. You just need to peel and apply it to your car’s bumper or side skirt. Self-tapping coated screws offer an easy puncture for a secure, corrosion-resistant hold. Custom stamped black nylon square washers are also provided for a seamless application you can have confidence in. You can even check out the step-by-step instructions and an online video at to see exactly how it’s done.

Modify Your Prelude’s Performance

For those with a need for speed, a Honda Prelude lip will improve your car’s performance. By disrupting the airflow of high pressure air underneath, the deeper lip increases the downforce on the car. With lower pressure air passing underneath the car, and relatively higher pressure air passing over the top, the resulting downforce causes the car to hug the road, and the tires to press down on the pavement for more stability, improved traction, and increased fuel efficiency. Click here to view our full selection of lip products.

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