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3 Ways to Repair Your Wheel Lip | All-Fit Automotive

If you accidentally gouged a wheel rim by running it into a curb or something else, you’re not alone. Curb rashes are incredibly common. In fact, they’re so common that companies have come up with lots of ways to fix them.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common ways to repair rashed and gouged up wheel lips:

1. Completely Refinishing Your Wheel

Refinish wheel

If you want a flawless appearance, this is the best solution next to buying a brand new wheel. To refinish your wheel means to:

  • Remove all the existing paint, usually by media blasting
  • Sanding or filing down all the rough edges
  • Filling any gouges
  • Priming the wheel
  • Painting the wheel

The wheel usually comes out looking perfect, especially if done by a professional. However, this solution comes with a couple of downsides:

  1. It’s a costly and time-consuming project. In fact, it might even cost more than a brand new wheel.
  2. It offers no protection against future damage. If you go through all the trouble to refinish your wheel, it's best to have a plan to prevent future scrapes and scratches.

2. Repairing With an Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

An alloy wheel repair kit is a popular solution. It’s inexpensive and easy enough for a novice to use, but it doesn’t always yield great results.

Using an alloy wheel repair kit involves filling in the scratches and then painting over the area. It’s a pretty lengthy process and the end result doesn’t always look good. The filling might not be smooth, and the paint may not be a perfect match to the rest of the wheel. A pro might be able to pull it off, but odds are it won’t look perfect. Once again, this option provides no protection against future damage.

3. Installing All-Fit Rim Trims

Rather than fix the curb rash and leave it vulnerable to future damage, you can cover it up with an  All-Fit Rim Trim. It’s a durable rubber trim you can install around your wheel lip, and it provides a lot of protection against curbs and other debris on the road. Since the All-Fit Rim Trim comes in many different colors, it’s a great way to add a splash of color to your car. We may be biased, but we think that the All-Fit Rim Trim delivers the most value out of all the solutions listed here.

Got any questions about any of the remedies in this article?  We’ll be happy to answer them!