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A DIY WRX Front Lip Option That Won't Break The Bank

Are you looking for a DIY front lip spoiler for your Subaru WRX? It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the different options on the market. This guide will help you decide on a DIY front lip spoiler that won’t break the bank.

Two Types Of Lip Spoilers

Lip types

First, let’s talk about the two types of lip spoilers: Soft lip spoilers and Hard lip spoilers.

  1. A soft lip spoiler is flexible. It’s usually made of flexible material like silicone rubber or a proprietary material such as our extruded synthetic rubber.
  2. A hard lip spoiler looks like an extension of the body. It’s usually made of plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Almost all soft lip spoilers have a universal design, which makes them easy to install. Which type of lip spoiler works best for your car? We'll help you figure that out. We'll go over all the important factors to consider before settling on a lip spoiler for your WRX.

1. Protection

The Subaru WRX is a solid car, but even in stock form it has a pretty low ground clearance.

  • The average ground clearance of a 1998-2005 WRXs is 6.1"
  • The average ground clearance of a 2006 WRXs is 5.9"
  • The average ground clearance of a 2007 WRXs is 5.7"
  • The average ground clearance of a 2008-2014 WRXs is 6.1"
  • The average ground clearance of a 2015-2019 WRXs is 4.9"

A hard lip spoiler may work great on a car with a much higher ground clearance. But it's very impractical on a WRX. Hard lip spoilers provide no protection. In fact, they can be quite fragile. It's not uncommon for a hard lip spoiler to crack or get all scratched up after hitting a curb, speed bump, or piece of debris. It's because hard lip spoilers are rigid and unable to bend under impact.

Depending on the brand you get, a soft lip spoiler can provide a lot of protection. Take All-Fit lip spoilers, for instance. Made with flexible extruded synthetic rubber, All-Fit lip spoilers are as durable as they come. All-Fit lip spoilers are flexible, and they can bend under impact. This means All-Fit lip spoilers can withstand the impact from curbs, speed bumps, and debris. They can also bend and provide a lot of protection to the front bumper.

2. Appearance

Hard lip spoilers can look amazing. They blend in with the body of the vehicle. It depends on whether you get a universal or custom made hard lip spoiler. A universal hard lip spoiler may look good, but you have to go through the trouble of installing it on your WRX to find out for sure. If you hire a good custom builder to make a hard lip spoiler for your WRX, chances are it'll look amazing. But it's going to be very expensive. Is a hard lip spoiler worth the investment if it's likely to break sooner or later?

Soft lip spoilers look great, too. They're quite affordable, but they give off a custom appearance. It's because you can cut one to the exact length of your front bumper. You can also mold it to fit your car.

3. Sturdiness Over Time

A lot of people associate the word "hard" with durability, but it's not true when it comes to lip spoilers. Soft lip spoilers last so much longer than hard ones. The All-Fit lip spoiler is built to last the lifetime of the vehicle, even when exposed to:

  • Curbs
  • Road bumps
  • Debris
  • Bad weather

4. Ease Of Installation

3 step install

The lip spoiler is one of these parts where installation plays a big part in its effectiveness. A lip spoiler that's not installed right can't serve its function well. That pretty much renders the lip spoiler a decorative piece rather than a functional part.

The easier a lip spoiler is to install, the better. Hard lip spoilers can be difficult to install because they're rigid. Soft lip spoilers are much easier to install because they're flexible.

5. Cost

Cost is usually the deciding factor in choosing a lip spoiler. Many people only consider the upfront cost, but that's not quite the right way to go about this. You want to consider the long term cost of a lip spoiler. That includes:

  • The upfront cost
  • Maintenance/repair costs
  • Replacement costs (labor and replacement unit)
  • Warranty

In other words, you want a lip spoiler that delivers the most value. In this case, it's a good idea to avoid hard lip spoilers because they:

  • Cost more than soft lip spoilers upfront
  • Don't always last long because they break easily
  • Offer no protection
  • Can be expensive to install or replace

Why An All-Fit Lip Spoiler Is The Best Option

WRX lip

Photo credit: Jordan S

The market is over saturated with different lip spoilers. If you've decided that a soft lip spoiler is the better solution for you, look no further than All-Fit. We may be biased, but All-Fit lip spoilers are the best lip spoilers money can buy. It's because All-Fit lip spoilers:

  • Offer protection
  • Create a cool lowered appearance
  • Last a long time, even with heavy use and abuse - professional race teams like Team Sahlen use All-Fit lip spoilers on their race cars
  • Are quite easy to install

All-Fit lip spoilers deliver the most value. They have an affordable upfront cost, are durable and easy to install, provide protection for the front bumper, and offer a robust warranty policy.

Learn more about All-Fit lip kits today!