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How to Diagnose and Fix a Dash Rattle | All-Fit Automotive

A rattling in your dash is probably one of the most annoying noises to hear while driving. It’s a never ending noise that comes right from the inside of your car.

The dash rattle is commonly caused by two adjacent dash parts vibrating against each other.

Luckily, there are easy ways to fix this issue. First, let’s pinpoint where the rattle is coming from.

How to Figure Out What’s Causing the Rattle

You don’t need any fancy tools to figure out where the rattle is coming from. You just need a friend and a pair of hands. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Get a friend to drive your car on a bumpy road that will cause the rattle.
  2. While they are driving, firmly push with your hand on all of the places on the dash where you think you hear the rattle.
  3. When the rattle noise stops, then the spot where you’re pushing is where the rattle is coming from.
  4. Inspect the area to see if any fasteners are loose.

3 Ways to Fix the Rattle

Dash rattles

Image Credit: EricTheCarGuy

Once you have found the source, you have a few ways to stop the rattle:

1. Tighten the Fasteners

You can attempt to tighten any fasteners that hold the plastic part in place. However, this solution is usually temporary because the fasteners came loose in the first place for a reason.

2. Tighten the Fasteners With Tape

If you feel that tightening the fasteners isn’t enough, you can remove the part. Then add some double-sided adhesive tape to some out of sight places. Replace the part and re-tighten the fasteners. It’s a better solution than just re-tightening the fasteners, but some people may find it a bit complicated and time-consuming.

3. Use All-Fit Gap Trim

Gap locations

Install All-Fit gap trim in all the gaps in the dash. This saves you the trouble of removing parts, and it "tightens up" the whole dash. As an added bonus, you get to give your car’s interior a touch of style for under 20 bucks.

Visit  this link to see what the All-Fit gap trim is all about!