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3 Ways to Protect Your Rims From Rock Rash While Off-Roading

If you've driven off road more than a couple of times, you’re probably not a stranger to rock rash. It’s pretty much inevitable. 

However, your rims don't have to get beat up when you go off-roading. There are a few ways to protect your rims from rock rash.

Road rash

Image Credit: chenbro

1. Use Tires With a Wider Cross Section Width

The cross section width of a tire is basically the width of the tire. If you use tires with a wider cross section width, the tire can take a beating from the rocks instead of the rim. However, this upgrade costs quite a bit of money. And, the wider tires would also probably be heavier, which has some drawbacks.

2. Air Down

If you air down the tires when you are off road, your tires get a little wider. This helps protect the rims, and there are no real drawbacks, other than having to air back up. But, it still is sometimes not enough to protect your rims.

3. Use All-Fit Rim Trim

Blue Rim Trim

The All-Fit Rim Trim is a sturdy rubber strip to be applied on the rim lip. You can apply the All-Fit Rim Trim either to protect your rims from rocks or to cover up damage.

The All-Fit Rim Trim is available in a variety of colors, including black, silver, red, blue, and more. It's the most affordable (and effective) solution on this list.

Learn more about the All-Fit Rim Trim here!