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The All-Fit Lip Kit A True Story of Reliability and Persistence

Recently, one of our customers shared a remarkable story with us on Instagram. The story involves a car lift, a damaged bumper, and a universal lip kit that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. We’re sharing the story here, in order to further illustrate just how much we mean business when we herald the unparalleled durability of the All-Fit Lip Kit.

Bumper Damaged - Lip Kit Untouched

The story began when our Lip Kit owner went to have his tires changed (what could possibly go wrong?). As the mechanic attempted to hoist the car up the lift, the bumper was nipped. As a result, the customer had to drive all the way home with a half-attached bumper dragging along the road.

Of course, the bumper was inevitably destroyed. But the All-Fit Lip remained perfectly intact.

Front Bumper Lip Kit

All-Fit Lip Kit: Built to Last

As you can see from our customer’s story, the All-Fit Lip Kit is a small addition to your vehicle that pays huge dividends. More than adding style, the Lip Kit promises the protection of a high-end front lip spoiler but without paying a fortune for overhyped aftermarket toys.

Additional Lip Kit Benefits

Without question, our Lip Kit will enhance the look of any vehicle, adding a sense of contrast, style and attitude. It’s a look you just don’t get from the factory. Additionally, the improved aerodynamics of the All-Fit Lip provides potentially better gas mileage.

Even better, the Lip Kit is simple to install. It can take as little as 15 minutes and requires only a pair of scissors and a screwdriver.

Allow a Lip Kit to Enhance Your Vehicle

Like our aforementioned customer, you too should choose All-Fit Automotive’s Lip Kit for your vehicle. Not only does it protect bumpers from wear and tear, it also improves the look of your automobile.

However, if you are concerned with how the Lip Kit will blend with your vehicle’s appearance, check out our online gallery to see for yourself how the Lip looks on a range of cars and click here to view our full selection of lip products.

The Universal Lip Kit is for the car owner who understands all the small details that go into a vehicle’s upkeep and performance. The All-Fit Lip Kit provides the perfect combination of both function and class. It’s built not only for aesthetics, but also for maximum protection.