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Cold Weather Car Mods & Lip Kits | All-Fit Automotive

Cold Weather Car Mods

Cold weather can create hazardous conditions for your car which will damage its overall appearance and cost you some serious money. Thankfully, with the help of the right cold weather car mods, you can minimize the risk of this damage or even avoid is completely. Take a look at some of your options and protect your car today!

Lip Kits for Your Car

lip kits

A very popular item amongst car enthusiasts, lip kits are quickly making their way onto the bumpers of casual drivers as well. They’re awesome accessories that attach to the bottom of your front, side, and rear bumpers for aesthetic purposes as well as to protect your vehicle and to even improve its performance by making it more aerodynamic. The specially-designed universal lip kit from All-Fit Automotive fits with any car make or model and are easy to apply, making them the perfect modification for your car, even if you’re new to the hobby.

Lip Kits & Cold Weather

A lip kit can be especially important in colder weather. Items on the road like rocks or debris can be very difficult to spot under snow and can damage the undercarriage of your car or scratch the exterior. But, with a lip kit, those rocks and debris can be brushed aside and safely moved away from your car, minimizing any damage done and keeping your ride looking great. Some people don’t think of lip kits as being a cold weather car mod, but those same people also probably have knicks and scratches on their bumpers!

Other Smart Cold Weather Modifications

lip kit

While we’re definitely fans of lip kits, there are other great mods that are definitely worth considering. Some notable ones include mud flaps for your wheels, improved lighting options such as light bars on your front bumpers, and other small additions likes side visors that go above your windows. All of these modifications are relatively inexpensive and, although smaller, can have a huge impact on the quality of your driving experience.

Benefits of Mods

It’s one thing to list these modifications off, but how will they really benefit you? Mud flaps will help to keep your car clean and, similar to our universal lip kit, can mitigate damage cause to your car from small objects getting kicked up by your tires. Even if you don’t do any off-roading, heavy rains in the winter will create very muddy roads. With winter also comes short days, long nights, and low visibility driving. Extra lighting will improve your visibility, giving you more confidence on your drives and keeping you safe.
If you’re anything like us, you don’t like the feeling of being cooped up in your car. But, if it’s raining or snowing, that can be impossible to do. With side visors, you can get that fresh air without having to worry about anything falling from the sky and into your car.

Quality You Can Trust

If you’re going to be driving around with it, you need a cold weather car mod that you can trust. All-Fit Automotive has been providing high quality lip kits and modifications for years and we have plenty of happy customers because of it. Got questions? Give us a call at (619) 500-3669.