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Bumper Lip – How to Install Your All-Fit Lip Kit

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You really don’t have to spend that much time or energy upgrading the performance of your car. Our bumper lips are a great example. An All-Fit Lip Kit will improve the traction your car gets on the road by changing the way outside air acts on the body of your car. This upgrade is very easy to install on your car. A bumper lip will fit most car types and they take very little time and minimal effort to install. Below are instructions for installing your bumper lip.

What You Need

  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver (Optional)


If you’d like a comfortable amount of work space, jack your car up on a safe, level surface. However, jacking the car up is not required; your kit can be installed right on your car as it sits on the ground. If your car has a factory-issued bumper guard, you may need to remove the original guard to install the new one.

Install Instructions

1.Clean the lower part of your bumper. The bumper lip has an adherent that attaches it to your lower bumper, so you want the surface to be clear. Be sure your bumper is completely dry after cleaning it.

2.Peel off the red 3M tape cover to expose the adhesive surface on the lip.

3.Firmly press the adhesive surface on the lip against the lower portion of your car’s bumper.

4.At the curved parts of your bumper, cut a “V” in the lip which will allow it to cleanly bend around the curve of the car - bumper lip.jpg

5.Continue to apply your bumper lip all around the bumper.

6.When your lip gets to the end of the bumper, cut off any excess material so you have a clean fit.

7.At this point, if you’d like a more secure installation you can install the screws and washers included in your kit.

8.Start on one side of the bumper lip and install a screw and washer.

9.From this point, apply the screws and washers approximately every foot until you get the other side of your bumper.


Now you can enjoy the improved performance the lip will give your car. A bumper lip works by blocking high pressure air from moving directly under the car, creating a low pressure flow of air underneath the car, which results in an overall downforce. This downforce causes the front of your car to stick to the road better, resulting in improved traction. Plus the addition of the lip on your car body will look great.

If you’re still thinking about picking up a lip upgrade for your car, look at how easy it is to install! Upgrade your car’s performance with style. Shop for a bumper lip today, click here to view our full selection of lip options.