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Don't Buy A Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Spoiler Lip Until You Read This!

If you’re in the market for a new front bumper lip, you probably have heard of carbon fiber front bumper lips. Many people would agree that carbon fiber bumper lips look amazing. They’re sleek, shiny, and high quality.

There are two different kinds of carbon fiber front bumper spoiler lips:

  1. Real carbon fiber spoiler lips that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars
  2. Fake carbon fiber spoiler lips, which are just a plastic finish that looks like carbon fiber applied to some other material

Is a carbon fiber bumper lip a good solution, though? If you ask us, the answer is no. In fact, real and fake carbon fiber bumper lips are a bad investment. Here are three reasons why:

1. Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lips Are Not Durable

Cracked bumper

Image Credit: CorvetteForum/Wilddr805

There is a reason carbon fiber bumper lips are usually only found on race cars and exotic cars. They’re not made for daily driving. Carbon fiber bumper lips don’t fare well against some obstacles found on roads, including:

  • Parking curbs
  • Potholes
  • Speed bumps
  • Rolled curbs
  • Road debris

Real carbon fiber bumper lips may look cool, but they’re fragile. In fact, it’s common for a carbon fiber bumper lip to shatter when it strikes an obstacle. If you buy a carbon fiber lip for your vehicle, and you hit something on the highway, you'll need a new spoiler lip. Real carbon fiber spoiler lips can cost thousands of dollars. And they rarely come with a warranty. So once your carbon fiber spoiler lip breaks, you’ll have no choice but to eat the investment.

Since fake carbon fiber bumper lips aren’t actually made with carbon fiber, you would think that they’re a little more durable. Sadly, that’s not the case. The fake carbon fiber is only a plastic veneer. It’s easy to ruin the plastic veneer the first time you scrape or scuff it against something.

Fake carbon fiber is fine for applications where there's little risk of scrapes or scuffs. For example:

  • An interior part
  • A part that doesn’t sit so close to the ground

If you buy a bumper spoiler lip with a fake carbon fiber coating, it's going to look awful the first time you scrape it on a parking curb. That’s why fake carbon fiber bumper lips – even ones that cost as low as $15 – aren’t worth the investment. Until someone finds a way to make the fake plastic carbon fiber more durable, it won't be a good product.

What Consumers Have To Say About The Durability Of Carbon Fiber Bumper Lips

If you look on Amazon, you’ll find loads of reviews from car owners who purchased either a real or fake carbon fiber bumper lip. Most of these reviews aren’t favorable. The general consensus is that real and fake carbon fiber bumper lips aren’t durable enough to be worth the sometimes hefty investment.

An Amazon user named David purchased a fake carbon fiber bumper lip. He wrote, “The product top layer faded away within 5 months of purchase. If you apply a UV protectant coat on the product, you might have better luck. But that is something that should be already applied. The product should be able to withstand basic exposure to the elements. The product is nice looking, but the quality is poor.”

2. Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lips Don’t Always Come With The Right Fitment


Image Credit: M3Forum/WOLFN8TR

Carbon fiber front bumper lips are rigid, preformed parts. It's impossible to adjust a carbon fiber bumper lip to fit the shape of your front bumper. If you get a carbon fiber front bumper lip that doesn't quite fit your car, you'll have to send it back. Many carbon fiber front bumper lips come with universal dimensions. At the very least, many carbon fiber bumper lips are made for several different models. It's hard to find one that's made for your car only.

It's not fun going through the trouble of installing a carbon fiber bumper lip only to find out that it doesn't fit quite right. Check out this Amazon review by a car owner named Mike. He was especially upset about the time he wasted on his poor-fitting carbon fiber bumper lip. He wrote, "[My carbon fiber bumper lip] doesn't mold to the shape of the car. I had this product for a total of 1 hour. But I had to take it off because it was very bad. Don't waste your money on this product. Instead, buy a bumper lip that fits right."

Instead of buying a carbon fiber bumper lip, either:

  • Get a bumper lip that's:
    • Made by a reputable brand
    • Designed for your car only
  • Get a flexible bumper lip that enables you to mold it to fit your front bumper

3. Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lips Don’t Protect Your Front Bumper

A carbon fiber front bumper lip serves two purposes:

  1. Improve your car's aerodynamics
  2. Add a lowered look to your car

Does it protect your front bumper, though? The answer is no. If a carbon fiber bumper lip rams into a curb, for example, chances are good the front bumper will get damaged, too. If you have a low ground clearance car, it would be wise to invest into a front bumper lip that offers protection.

All-Fit Bumper Lips: A Better Alternative

All fit

The bottom line is that installing a carbon fiber bumper lip isn’t a great idea. You’ll get so much more value out of other options, such as:

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) bumper lip
  • Fiberglass bumper lip
  • All-Fit bumper lip

If you ask us, an All-Fit bumper lip is by far the best option. It solves all the problems caused by a carbon fiber bumper lip. To be more specific:

  • All-Fit bumper lips are durable
  • You can mold an All-Fit bumper lip to the shape of the bumper
  • All-Fit bumper lips protect the front bumper
  • All-Fit bumper lips are quite affordable
  • All-Fit bumper lips come with a comprehensive warranty

You can read more about All-Fit bumper lips here.

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