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Dodge Charger Bumper Lip Options - ABS, Fiberglass, or All-Fit?

The Dodge Charger is a beautiful work of art that offers so much power and a comfortable ride. You can bring your Charger to the next level - in terms of performance and aesthetics - by adding a bumper lip.

Black Dodge

What's A Bumper Lip?

A bumper lip is also called an air dam or a spoiler. It's a strip you add to the bottom of your front bumper. It reduces airflow underneath the vehicle, which improves downforce. It also gives your Charger a lowered look.

If you're keen to the idea of adding a bumper lip to your Charger, you have three different options:*

* There's actually a fourth option: carbon fiber bumper lips. We decided not to discuss these lips because they're crazy expensive.

1. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS for short) is a type of plastic. It's a combination of opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. This combination starts out as liquid, and then solidifies over time. Manufacturers of ABS bumper lips inject the liquid into a mold and then let it solidify. This process is automated, so ABS bumper lips are easy to make. They're also pretty durable. That's why they're plentiful.

Yet, ABS bumper lips come with several cons:

  • They can be expensive
  • They're easily scuffed
  • They come in limited colors
  • The finish is pretty dull

2. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is another type of plastic. It's more expensive than ABS because it takes much more labor to make. Fiberglass production is done by humans who dip fiber mats into liquid plastic resin, and then lay the soaked mat into a mold.

Fiberglass bumper lips usually look great with a proper finish, but they come with several disadvantages:

  • They're fragile and easy to crack
  • They're very expensive to fix or replace
  • They're hard to install
  • They often require paint
  • The fitment isn't always perfect

3. All-Fit

All-Fit is a flexible and durable strip made from a proprietary rubber blend. In fact, All-Fit's lip kits won't rip or tear, even in harsh circumstances. Our lip kits offer the following benefits:

The only con we can think of is the fact that All-Fit bumper lips are hard to paint. That's why we offer most All-Fit lips in multiple colors. You don't have to worry about painting it if your All-Fit lip comes in the color you want.

You Want A Bumper Lip That Offers Protection Too

Charger allfit

Image Credit: Michael H.

The Dodge Charger comes with low ground clearance, which is a blessing to a few and a curse to many. Because of that, you may want to get a bumper lip that offers protection on top of improving your car's aerodynamics.

What's The Ground Clearance Of A Dodge Charger?

Your Charger's ground clearance depends on its production year. In general, the most recent Charger models have a ground clearance of between 4" and 6":

  • 2020 Charger: 5.2"
  • 2019 Charger: 5.4"
  • 2015-2018 Charger: 4.9"
  • 2014 Charger: 5"

Your Charger's low ground clearance increases the chances of your front bumper getting scratched. In some cases, your front bumper could even break. A front bumper on a Charger isn't cheap to repair or replace. That's why a lot of Charger owners outfit their pride and joy with an All-Fit bumper lip.

All-Fit Bumper Lips Offer Maximum Protection


All-Fit bumper lips are durable enough to protect your front bumper from curbs, speed bumps, debris on the road, and so on. Like we mentioned earlier, it's easy for a ABS or fiberglass bumper lip to break or get scratched up.

If you want a bumper lip that's:

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • An extra layer of protection for your front bumper

Then an All-Fit bumper lip is just what you need. Check it out!

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