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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Your Auto Mechanic

Many car owners have left the mechanic shop with a sinking feeling that they’ve been scammed. Hey, we’ve all been there at one time or another. But by thinking ahead and following these tips from All-Fit Automotive, you’ll never have to endure that terrible feeling ever again.

Get Repairs in Writing

When dealing with a mechanic’s shop for the first time, it’s good to get services in writing. This gives proof if there is a discrepancy in charges.

Beware of Additional Services

You know how it is. You go in for something simple and pedestrian, like getting a Mazdaspeed 3 front lip installed, and you end up getting saddled with a list of strange repairs that the car allegedly needs. Make sure additional repairs are absolutely necessary before complying, and if something seems fishy, get a second opinion from another mechanic.

Stick to Scheduled Maintenance

It’s absolutely critical to stick to your car’s maintenance schedule. This avoids unexpected problems throughout the year and keeps your car in top working order.

Stick to the Manual

Old adages like ‘change the oil every 3,000 miles’ aren’t necessarily true with modern cars. Stick to your owner’s manual to be sure. If the mechanic recommends going against the manual, they might be trying to upsell you.

Be Clear About the Service

Always be clear about what precisely you want the mechanic to take care of and what you don’t. If necessary, show up to the garage accompanied by someone who speaks the language of automotive, and can clearly communicate your needs in a concise fashion. Poor communication is a top reason for customer dissatisfaction.

Take a Test-Drive

Letting the mechanic test-drive the car works particularly well when the car is making a noise that is hard to describe. Let the mechanic see for himself, and the discuss the possible causes and solutions before agreeing to any repairs.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Mechanic

Being friendly with the mechanic helps teach how they run their business. Anything you learn that helps you self-service your car is a bonus.

Avoid Tow Service Problems

Nothing is worse than being towed by a random company to a random mechanic you don’t trust. Think ahead and ask a trusted mechanic which tow service to use in case of an emergency.

Check for a Sign

Don’t trust your car with just anyone, particularly if you have invested a lot of money into the car. AAA frequently visits and rates mechanic’s shops throughout the United States. Look for their seal of approval posted somewhere in the shop. If you find it, you can enjoy increased confidence.

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