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Universal Lip Spoiler – Everything You Need to Know

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There are many different ways to upgrade the performance of your car. Some of them are expensive and time consuming, while others are easier and more affordable. Putting a universal lip spoiler on your car definitely falls into the second category. This body upgrade confers several advantages to the overall look and performance of your car. Below is everything you need to know about spoilers and their benefits.

What Is a Spoiler?

A spoiler is basically a modification you make to the body of the car that changes the way air flows around the car, which not only makes the car look good, but improves overall performance. A spoiler can be installed both on the front of the car and the back, depending on the type of spoiler. Types of spoilers include wing, lip, and pedestal spoilers; each of them contributes to different air properties on the car body. An add-on like a universal lip spoiler can be installed on pretty much any type of car.

Benefits to Having a Spoiler

  • Traction – Spoilers help to direct air in productive ways around the car, resulting in downforce that gives the car increased traction on the road. Rear spoilers in particular manage to push the back of the car down, allowing the tires to grip the road.
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  • Stability – Since a universal lip spoiler creates a net downforce on the car by directing air around the car body and increasing traction on the ground, the spoiler ends up contributing to the overall stability of the car, which results in several advantages. First of all, you can use lighter components on the car and reduce the car’s overall weight without worrying about the car becoming unstable on the road. Plus, the added pressure on the tires allows for far more stable and responsive braking.
  • Visibility – A universal lip spoiler can make a car more visible on the road to other drivers, often lowering the chances for rear collisions.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Spoilers lessen drag on the car by directing air over and through the car so that less energy is needed to propel the car forward, resulting in reduced fuel demands.
  • Stylish – This benefit is obvious enough, but spoilers look great on a car and contribute to a sleeker look.

Shop for a Spoiler Today

A universal lip spoiler is easy to install and fits on the back of many types of cars. This is an affordable car body upgrade that doesn’t require elaborate modification and bodywork. For an add-on that’s even simpler than a spoiler and provides many of the same benefits, check out All-Fit Automotive’s Lip Kit! Click here to view our full selection of lip options.