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VW Golf GTI Lip Kit | Shop All-Fit Automotive

Golf GTI Lip

The VW Golf is one of Volkswagen’s most unique offerings and certainly one of their best. The Golf GTI is another commonly customized vehicle, especially when it comes to aspects that enhance the visual aesthetics and performance of the car.

Car lovers all over the world like adding both classic and unique accessories to enhance their GTI. Let’s talk about the Golf GTI lip kit we have to offer here at All-Fit Automotive.

Durability is Key

As an accessory that stays on the bottom part of the front of your car, a lip kit should be made durable for it to be useful. Lip kits need to be designed with durability taking precedence. There is simply no way around that.

Because of the importance we hold to durability as a product element, we make sure that our Golf GTI lip kits are the most durable lips around.

Golf GTI owners comprise a very diverse group of individuals. There are Golf GTIs trekking the dryest and dustiest areas, the coldest and slushiest places, and the muddiest and dirtiest terrains. We know that, which is why we make sure that our product is as durable as anyone may need it to be, whether you’re cruising through the desert roads of Nevada or driving down the streets of Boston in the middle of a rain storm. Our Golf GTI kit will withstand any environment it’s put into. You can count on that.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Golf GTI Lip

Some aftermarket parts that come at a visually appealing price don’t actually give your car a visually appealing look. All too often, we hear about displeased car lovers who become victims of purchasing an aftermarket accessory that doesn’t meet their expectations. Our All-Fit Golf GTI lip kits do not disappoint when it comes to vehicle appearance.

If you’re like a lot of GTI owners seeking a lip kit for their Volkswagen, you’re looking for a smooth, sleek-looking, 1.5-inch lowering lip kit that won’t cost you a fortune to make a reality. This perfectly describes our Golf GTI lip kit.

And if you have done some automotive accessory installation yourself, good. If you haven’t, even better. If you don’t install accessories yourself, our kit is easily installable without requiring expensive tools or the help of a professional. It’s as easy as attaching the lip in your own garage at home.

Shipping is Easy Too

At All-Fit Automotive, we make shipping easy -- the way it should be. We don’t just ship in the United States, we ship to any country. If you don’t see your country listed, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to get you your lip kit so you can get it on your GTI. Interested in finding out more about our Golf GTI Lip? Contact us today, or order yours here.