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Does Your Car Need a Home Depot Lip Kit? | All-Fit Automotive

The Superior Universal Lip Kit Compared to the Home Depot Lip Kit

One thing Home Depot does well is promote the DIY (Do It Yourself) lifestyle. People go to Home Depot to get supplies for their pet projects and jobs, so it's not surprising that there's been a rise in the popularity of DIY "Home Depot Lip Kits".

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Lip kits are a great idea for a DIY project because you don't need any expertise. Additionally, they’re a good start to amateur car modifications, providing a low-cost performance boost. However, we want to caution you on spending time and money on materials that might not pay off well in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the Home Depot Lip Kit versus the All-Fit Lip Kit, a low-cost alternative to the DIY route. Keep reading to learn more.

DIY Lip Kits and Lip Splitters

The DIY lip kit idea started on  car forums, and quickly gained traction among posters. DIY aficionados were utilizing EPDM rubber, which is a durable synthetic rubber usually found on rooftops and on the bottom of garage doors. The idea was to use the stripping (usually the garage door variety) to create a lip and adhere it to the front bumper. Because this material is easy to find at a home improvement store, it became known as the "Home Depot Lip Kit". This early attempt definitely looked cool, but the material was easily scraped and it deteriorated quickly.

Always ask yourself: are the parts you're installing on your vehicle high quality? Will they benefit your vehicle for the price? In most cases, the lower the cost of the product, the lower quality you're going to get. As the old saying goes: “you get what you pay for.” Are the parts that make up the Home Depot Lip Kit a good bet?

Home Depot Lip Kits

The materials you need for the Home Depot Lip Kit are affordable and easy to install, but this kit suffers from quality issues. There are various types of rubber used to seal garage door bottoms. Some seals are made entirely of EPDM and are extremely flexible. Others are made with EPDM that's infused with air, which is the kind of EPDM typically used in the Home Depot Lip Kit. To get an idea of this material, imagine beer or soda koozies that are thick and spongy. This is pretty much how the spongy EPDM feels. One good thing about this material is that the 3M tape will bond to it, allowing for simple installation.

The problem with air-infused EPDM is that as soon as you start driving on the road, it's prone to rips and scrapes. It doesn't take long for your sleek lip to become a tattered mess. Once it gets to that point, you're going to want to remove it. Removal isn't nearly as neat or simple as install. For these reasons, we don't recommend air-infused EPDM as a quality lip material.As we mentioned earlier, there's a firmer, more flexible EPDM material. This is a far more durable lip kit for your car, but it doesn't work well with 3M tape. This EPDM is higher quality but more difficult to install securely. For this Home Depot Lip Kit to work, you need a screw every few inches. This makes for a tough initial install and is harder to uninstall as well.

Weighing Your Lip Kit Options

How do you sift through the varying lip kit options in the automotive aftermarket and choose the right one? You can start by asking yourself four important questions.

1. How Much Is This Lip Kit Going To Cost?

There are plenty of low cost lip kits on the market, including the Home Depot Lip Kit. But you have to consider cost over time. The materials for a Home Depot Lip Kit will set you back less than $25, but you’ll probably have to buy them more than once. A comparable black front bumper kit from All-Fit Automotive costs $59.95, but it’s made to last the life of your vehicle.

2. Is The Lip Kit A Quality Product?

Lip kit quality has to do with the durability of the materials, user reviews, and other factors. A cheaper hardware store-bought kit is probably not going to meet quality requirements. EPDM rubber, like that on a garage door, can be torn by hand if pulled hard enough. The proprietary rubber material that makes up the All-Fit Lip Kit, however, is impossible to tear by hand. This material is backed by years of research and development and is designed to stand up to every day driving. It can also easily take punishment from curbs, driveways, and other scraping surfaces.

3. Can You Install The Lip Kit Yourself?

The EPDM version of the Home Depot Lip Kit is easy to install; however, removal when the material starts breaking down can be tough. Installing the sturdier Home Depot Lip Kit is more difficult than EPDM but can still be done at home.

The All-Fit Lip Kit is completely DIY and can be quickly installed in your driveway. All-Fit Lip Kits come with automotive grade 3M tape, which is heat bonded to the material for a firm seal. The kits also come with prepping wipes and self-tapping, corrosion resistant screws for a professionally secured lip.

4. Is The Lip Kit Going To Look Good On Your Car And Improve Aerodynamics?

The ideal lip kit will both look and work as new for the life of your vehicle. If you go with an EPDM Home Depot Lip Kit, you’re going to have quality issues. It’s a matter of when, not if, the material starts to disintegrate and look worn. The rubber Home Depot Lip Kit will last longer, but again, it’s a matter of when it starts to deteriorate.

Aesthetically and functionally, the All-Fit Lip Kit tops the Home Depot Lip Kit. Our high-quality, proprietary material is meant to last the life of your vehicle. Plus, it’s a fully functional lip splitter, providing the aerodynamic improvements you want from an aftermarket lip kit.

The All-Fit Universal Lip Kit Is The Best Option

BMW Allfit

It’s easy to fall into a modification trap with a Home Depot Lip Kit. It may save you a few dollars up front, but you get stuck with a low quality material. Those few dollars add up when you have to keep buying replacements.

Choosing a high-quality lip kit the first time will save you money in the long run. The All-Fit Lip Kit comes in 3 widths, 4 lengths, and 6 colors, so you have plenty of options to make the kit your own. Whether you’re looking for a front splitter only or you want to add the lowered look to your entire car, All-Fit’s Lip Kit can be configured to what you need. Plus, it’s a universal design guaranteed to fit your vehicle. You can’t go wrong.