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How To Keep Your All-Fit Bumper Lip Kit Looking New

Since the All-Fit Lip sits close to the ground, it gets dirty really quick. Even though the durable lip requires zero maintenance, it’s a good idea to clean it once in a while to keep it looking nice and new as ever.

Can I Wash My All-Fit Lip With Soap and Water?

Wash lip

You can wash your All-Fit lip with soap and water along with the rest of your car (at a car wash, for instance). However, soap and water doesn’t quite restore the color and shine of the All-Fit lip. It will likely still leave water spots. Also, this method doesn’t leave a layer of protection. That means your All-Fit lip will just get dirty again the next time you take your car out for a spin.

The Unexpected Trick to Keeping Your All-Fit Lip Looking New

Tire shine

We have tested a lot of products to clean an All-Fit lip, and we have tested products to see what will keep it looking like new for a long time afterwards. We've tested the basics, like soap and water, and we've tested other products, such as Armor All, etc.

No solution really worked that well except one: Ultimate Wet by Street Legal Products. Ultimate Wet is a tire shine product that will keep your All-Fit lip looking new for a while. Just wash your All-Fit lip with soap and water, let it dry, and then apply Ultimate Wet to it.

We tested several different tire shine products on the All-Fit lip, and Ultimate Wet worked the best. It  will hide blemishes. It also lasts the longest as far as the “new shine” look goes.

What is Ultimate Wet by Street Legal Products?

Ultimate Wet by Street Legal Products is an environmentally friendly spray-on tire shine. It’s a tried-and-true tire shine that’s formulated to:

  • Last a long time
  • Cover up blemishes
  • Dry immediately after application
  • Enhance the color and shine of your All-Fit lip
  • Restore your All-Fit lip’s color and shine to “like new” condition

It’s really easy to apply this spray-on tire shine to your All-Fit lip. After washing the All-Fit lip and letting it dry, simply spray the Ultimate Wet tire shine on it. The tire shine will dry right away, and you’ll enjoy a clean and brand new look on your All-Fit lip for a long time.

You can buy one can of the Ultimate Wet tire shine at a time, or you can buy a pack of 12 cans.

Got any questions about restoring the color and shine of your All-Fit lip kit? Feel free to get in touch with us!