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Car Lip Spoilers | The Advantages and Disadvantages - Blog

Spoilers are a popular aftermarket style and performance accessory. The primary purpose of a car lip spoiler is visual accent, but they can improve aerodynamics, speed, handling, and fuel economy. Let's take a look at why lip spoilers are popular and figure out if they're worth the investment.

What Are Lip Spoilers?

Car lip spoilers attach to the lip of the front or rear bumper of the car. Lip spoilers come in varying sizes. Smaller spoilers give the vehicle a subtle, sophisticated look, whereas larger spoilers give the car a lowered look.

Typically, lip spoilers are made from fiberglass, ABS plastic, silicone, or carbon fiber. In most cases, you have to modify the vehicle, and the installation process takes time.

How Do Lip Spoilers Work?

If you've ever seen a professional race car, you've seen car lip spoilers in action. They're used to decrease drag and lift, while decreasing downforce. When wind gets caught underneath the vehicle, it can cause serious performance losses. Lip spoilers encourage airflow to pass on the sides of the vehicle and over the hood rather than underneath. This improves traction and helps the car to hug the road tighter, increasing stability at high speeds and around turns.

Image Credit: Mathieu Horsky

Redirecting airflow is critical for professional race cars, but does it make sense for your daily driver? You may be surprised by the difference that shift in aerodynamics can make on your daily commute. Improved driving performance means better fuel economy and improved vehicle control.

The Problems with Traditional Lip Spoilers

They're Expensive

While car lip spoilers can improve vehicle performance, there are negatives to consider. For starters, spoilers tend to be expensive. Nobody wants to spend their entire paycheck to upgrade their car. With the All-Fit Lip Kit you don’t have to. The All-Fit Lip Kit is a tremendous value compared to today’s overpriced lip spoilers on the market. But our low prices never mean low quality. The All-Fit Lip Kit would be a fantastic buy at any price.

They're Difficult To Install

The most obvious reason people buy car lip spoilers is for the look, but lowering a car is not an option for a lot of people. It requires a great deal of time, money, and expertise. Lowering also permanently changes the structure of the vehicle. Unfortunately, lip spoilers tend to share those same issues. The All-Fit Lip Kit is the clear solution, as it can be installed in under 15 minutes. No permanent changes are made to your car, and you don't need any experience to do the install.

They Offer Poor Protection And Durability

Image Credit: BenzWorld

Another car lip spoiler issue is that they can't take a beating. Fiberglass, ABS plastic, silicon, and carbon fiber look fancy, but they're not durable. It only takes one rock, ice chunk, or other debris to cause serious damage to your new spoiler and the bottom of your vehicle. By comparison, the All-Fit Lip Kit is made of durable rubber that can withstand road debris. It also protects your vehicle.

They Require Specific Fitting

Locating the exact lip spoiler for your specific car isn't easy. Even if you find a lip spoiler you think will fit, there's a chance something will go wrong at install. By contrast, the All-Fit lip Kit fits on almost any vehicle and is easy to customize as needed. The high-quality, US-made rubber is both durable and flexible, allowing you to mold it to your car. All you need to do is form the lip to the bumper, and use a pair of scissors to snip the excess length. That’s it. No hassle and no worrying about fitting problems.

The All-Fit Lip Kit Is The Clear Choice

When you weigh your options, there's no comparison. The All-Fit Lip Kit gives you the same advantages of car lip spoilers and none of the disadvantages. Why pay more to get less? The All-Fit Lip Kit gives you the same customized look and performance gains but with a lower price and easy install. Even seasoned gearheads choose the All-Fit Lip Kit - it just makes more sense.

Is The All-Fit Lip Kit Right For You?

The answer is a resounding yes! If you've ever considered lowering your car or adding car lip spoilers, the All-Fit Lip Kit is for you. Our kits fit virtually every make and model, and they're the most cost-effective option. While you can install the Lip Kit only on the front of your vehicle, we recommend our 30 foot kit. It includes enough material to do both bumpers and your side skirts to complete the lowered look. Click here to view our full selection of lip products.

Purchase Your All-Fit Lip Kit Online Today

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