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Enhancing Your 2013 Civic with a Lip Kit | Shop All-Fit Automotive

2013 Civic lip kit

The 2013 Civic has been consistently rated as one of the top cars in its class, and for good reason: the Civic enjoys a proud legacy of practical durability and fuel efficiency. Another great feature of the Honda Civic is that it functions as the perfect blank canvas for car enthusiasts to modify and upgrade to their heart’s content. This Civic can support a wide array of aftermarket parts, which is why you see all sorts of variations of Civics out on the road. One of the more popular upgrades is the 2013 Civic lip kit, which can be installed by just about anyone, regardless of skill. Besides ease of use, lip kits provide a boost of performance upgrades at an affordable price.

Lip Improvements

If you thought your 2013 Civic got excellent fuel mileage, wait until you get a lip kit on it. What a lip kit does is improve the aerodynamic features of the car body, which increases miles per gallon. A lip does this by disrupting the flow of air underneath the car. When air travels past a car body, you typically get high pressure air moving underneath the car, and lower pressure air passing over the top of the car. A 2013 Civic lip kit disrupts and lowers the pressure of air traveling underneath the car, so that you get downforce from the higher pressure air traveling over the top.

Downforce causes the car’s tires to press against the road more effectively, which, along with changes in the way air passes over the car, contributes to better gas mileage and a more stable and responsive drive. The lip’s durable materials also protect the bottom of the car from various types of debris and weather elements such as rain and snow. Of course a conscientious car owner will take care on steep driveways and large speed bumps, but it is good to know that if your car does hit bottom, it probably won’t scrape up the body.

Besides all that, a lip kit simply looks fantastic on a 2013 Civic. A lip will lower the car 1.5 inches, lending a sleeker, sportier appearance.

Easy Installation

2013 Civic lip kit

The 2013 Civic lip kit from All-Fit Automotive is incredibly easy to install. The universal design features an industrial strength adhesive strip, which upon attachment to the car, holds for as long as you need it. All the kit takes is a pair of scissors and 15 minutes, with an optional screwdriver for anyone who wants an extra-secure fit.

The universal design also means you don’t have to pay for expensive custom body work and customization. You just buy the kit and apply the upgrade, without breaking the bank.

Shop for a Lip Kit Now

If you’re looking to upgrade your 2013 Civic, picking up a lip kit is one of the first things you should do. A kit is inexpensive, easy to install, and provides immediate performance and style enhancements. Click here to view our full selection of 2013 Honda Civic lip kit options.