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Replacing Your Factory Front Bumper Spoiler with an All-Fit Automotive Lip Kit

A front bumper spoiler looks pretty nice on a car, but a lot of car owners find it quite cumbersome. It’s not uncommon for a factory front bumper spoiler to scrape against curbs, sloped driveways, and more. As a result, it gets pretty banged up and it’s pretty costly to replace.

A lot of car owners deal with this problem by just removing the factory spoiler on their front bumper.

Removing Your Factory Front Bumper Spoiler

Honda spoiler

Image Credit: dyhppy

While there are some aerodynamic benefits to having a spoiler (they can improve highway fuel economy, for instance), the benefits are pretty minor. This especially rings true when you factor in the inconveniences that come with having a factory spoiler on the front bumper.

If the factory spoiler on your front bumper is damaged or always dragging, you certainly don't have to replace it. Many people just remove them from their trucks or SUVs.

What if Your Car Looks Weird Without the Factory Spoiler?

If you remove the factory spoiler from your car, there's a good chance that the front of your vehicle will look a little different. Sometimes the difference is really minor. Other times, it looks like part of the vehicle is missing, because there are exposed mounting brackets.

If you don't like the way your vehicle looks without the factory spoiler on the front bumper (or if you want to replace the factory front bumper spoiler with something more durable than hard plastic), check out the All-Fit lip kit.

What is the All-Fit Lip Kit?

Mazda All Fit

The All-Fit lip kit is a sturdy rubber strip that’s installed where the factory spoiler used to be. It’s designed to serve two purposes:

  1. Add a stylish lowered appearance to your front bumper
  2. Protect your front bumper from curbs and debris on the road

An All-Fit lip kit will fill the void left by the factory front bumper spoiler. All-Fit offers their bumper lips in 1.5", 2.5", and 3.5" sizes, which means you should be able to cover up any mounting brackets or exposed metal even if you remove a really big spoiler.

The Benefits of Having an All-Fit Lip Kit on Your Vehicle

The All-Fit lip kit offers a lot of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility: The rubber material is flexible, so it’ll bend and protect the front bumper if you drag it across a curb or sloped driveway. As a result, it won’t crack or make an ugly scraping noise.
  • Durability: The All-Fit lip kit is made with incredibly durable rubber, meaning it won’t rip or tear.
  • Easy installation: The All-Fit bumper lip is easy to install, with a simple screw & adhesive install that ensures the lip stays in place.

Read more about the All-Fit lip kit here to see why it’s the perfect replacement for your factory front bumper spoiler.