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Toyota Corolla Lip Kit from All-Fit: Learn About Accessories!

5 Accessories and What They Say About Your Car

Toyota Corolla All-Fit Lip Kit

1. Lip Kits

The addition of a lip kit is a great, subtle way to accessorize your car. That’s because the lip kit gives the car a sleek, subtly more aggressive look. That being said, they’re not always readily apparent to people on the street the way new headlights or flashy decals might be.

When thinking about adding a lip kit, it’s important to note that there are a couple of options available to customers. You can buy a custom-made lip kit or a universal lip kit. For instance, if you have a Toyota Corolla, one way to go would be to get a custom-made Toyota Corolla Lip Kit. The Toyota Corolla Lip Kit would be built specifically for the Corolla and would not be able to be applied to any other make or model of car.


If you’re not interested in going the custom route like the Toyota Corolla Lip Kit, the other option is a universal lip kit like the one made by All-Fit Automotive. All-Fit offers a universal lip kit which fits any car that has a normal-sized bumper. Priced competitively and simple to install by yourself, you can’t really go wrong with the All-Fit Lip Kit. Check out the All-Fit Lip Kit tab on our site for more information! Click here to view our full selection of lip options.

Toyota Corolla Front Lip Kit

2. Subwoofers

Subwoofers, no matter how big they are, are all about making a statement at the highest decibel level possible. These can range from anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars, so make sure to shop around.

3. Nitroboosters

Drivers with a need for speed and thrill seekers generally seek out nitroboosters, since they are a surefire way to find those things. Just make sure you get your engine reinforced and checked out, since many engines cannot withstand the initial boost of power that comes with a nitrous oxide infusion into the tank.

4. Vehicle Backup Cameras

Maybe you don’t have a need for speed or, at least, not anymore. That’s okay. Chances are you’ve got important people in your life to look out for. For the safer, more conservative-minded driver, vehicle backup cameras that can be installed on rear bumpers are available. You can rest assured that the people you care about will reach their destination safely, worry-free. With these cameras, you’ll never have to look over your shoulder again.

5. Ski Rack

For some people, the sportier, the better. Installing a custom ski or surf rack on the roof of your car tells people on the street that you enjoy living on the edge and you’re headed there in a hurry. Put your gear on the roof and hit the road!

All-Fit Automotive offers tips on all sorts of accessories, from nitroboosters to custom lip kits like the Toyota Corolla lip kit. Check back in on our blog often for more information and ideas on our universal lip kit, the best in the market today!