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Mazda 3 Lip Kit as a Car Accessory. More Tips from All-Fit!

Subtle Ways to Accessorize Your Car


Police are drawn to tricked out cars like moth to a flame (if you’ll forgive the cheesy, overused cliche). For those who don’t wish to get pulled over every two seconds, it can be a good idea to invest in more subtle car accessories. Take a look at these ideas on how to add low-key coolness to your car.


Adding a spoiler doesn’t have to mean adding something huge and unsightly. There are plenty of smaller, subtler spoilers that can give the same benefits of a larger accessory.

A spoiler is a strip that you can install on the back hood or hatchback of your car to increase the aerodynamic pull and speed of your car. A smaller spoiler would obviously do that at a lesser rate, but for those who want a subtle accessory, a bigger one’s the way to go.

Lip Kit

A lip kit is the perfect way to add some style to your car without making a big splash. In the past, if you own, for instance, a Mazda 3, you have to get a customized Mazda 3 lip kit that costs more than average and is made specifically for your car’s model.

These days, there’s a better way. All-Fit Automotive has a universal lip kit that can substitute for the Mazda 3 lip kit, or any other type of lip kit on the market. Basically the All-Fit lip kit fits any make and model of car out there. You don’t have to worry if you want to put your lip on a different car besides your Mazda, like with the Mazda 3 lip kit, which does not really provide that option.



Headlights can be a great way to add a subtle new look for your car. There are hundreds of different types of headlights with color, shape and brightness varieties. A lot depends on the make and model of your car. Some quick Internet research can help you find excellent deals on headlights that look super cool without being too distracting.

New Hubcaps/Wheels

Sure, new 22” rims won’t qualify in the subtlety department, but there are plenty of other ways to alter the wheels and hubcaps of your car to make a stylish, subdued statement. Search around the Internet to find a smaller size that suits your budget.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows aren’t hugely expensive and they add a look of mystery to your ride. Different states have different restrictions on how dark you can tint your windows so you’ll have to look into the details, but if you’re looking for a subtle way to add style, tinted windows could be the way to go.

All-Fit Automotive offers a great deal on a universal lip kit that’s perfect for people who want to add some subtle style to the front bumper of their car. And unlike the Mazda 3 lip kit and other custom lip kits, these lips are universal. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.