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Add a Lip to Your Car the Easy Way | All-Fit Automotive

When it comes to lip spoilers, there are so many different material types available: fiberglass, ABS plastic, carbon fiber, and various synthetic rubber compounds, to name a few. Generally, there are two types of lip spoilers: hard and soft.

Hard spoiler

A hard lip spoiler is made of hard material – typically plastic or fiberglass – and is designed to look like a part of your car. Sometimes a hard lip spoiler will be painted to match your car’s body paint.

A soft, easy lip for cars is made of flexible material like silicone rubber or a patented material such as All-Fit Automotive’s extruded synthetic rubber. These flexible lips sport a universal design that offer easy installation on any car.

While all types of lip spoilers add a lowered appearance to your car, many people install one for other reasons beyond appearance. That’s why it’s important to consider all the important factors that go into the quality and functionality of a lip spoiler before settling on a hard lip spoiler or soft lip spoiler.

We’re going to compare both lip spoiler types in four different areas. For the soft lip spoiler comparison, we’ve decided to use the All-Fit Universal Lip Spoiler Kit instead of a generic soft lip spoiler.

1. Protection From Scrapes

Do you have a rolled curb and/or do you regularly drive over speed bumps? You might want a lip spoiler that will offer adequate protection from scrapes. Due to its flexible nature, the All-Fit lip spoiler can take multiple beatings, flexes and slides under your car during impact, and comes out unscathed. A hard lip spoiler wouldn’t fare as well. It takes only a curb, speed bump, or a piece of debris to damage an expensive, hard lip spoiler because it’s rigid and unable to bend under impact. One good hit, and your hard lip spoiler is done.

2. Appearance

Red all fit

There are two kinds of hard lip spoilers on the market. Custom fit, and universal. A universal fit hard lip has a generic curved shape and width. They are less expensive than custom fit lip spoilers, which are designed to fit on only one vehicle. A universal fit hard lip might look good if it fits well, but you won't really know how it fits until you get it on your car. That is a bit of risky proposition.

Because the All-Fit Lip Kit spoiler is very flexible, and can be cut to the exact length needed, it will provide an exact fit for all cars. Custom fit hard lip spoilers are built with an exact car in mind. They sport a more custom design than soft lip spoilers, which have a universal design. But they are also considerably more expensive.

You have to ask, does a custom hard lip spoiler really look "better" than a soft lip? Both visually lower the car, and both add visual appeal. Both are black. Most hard lips can be painted, of course, but this will also drive up the cost quite a bit.

3. Durability

When you have a hard lip spoiler on your car, you have to worry about damage caused by a curb, road debris, or something else. While hard lip spoilers look good, they don’t last a long time. The All-Fit lip spoiler, on the other hand, is built to last the lifetime of the car, even if it’s exposed to bad weather, curbs, road debris, and more.

4. Installation


With a hard lip spoiler, installation can be tricky because:

  1. A universal hard lip spoiler will not fit your car to a tee, and it's not very flexible. If you are lucky, it might be easy to get it installed well and looking good. But it also might be very challenging.
  2. A custom hard lip spoiler should fit well, but it will take a while to install.
  3. Both custom and universal hard lip spoilers are heavier than soft lip spoilers. Any hard lip will require mechanical fasteners throughout the length of the spoiler.

If you’re looking for an easy lip for cars, the All-Fit Lip Kit fits the bill. Installation is ridiculously easy, as it only involves peeling off the adhesive backing, and applying it to your car. Small screws secure the ends. This easy lip alternative is extremely durable and will last for years. You can even add more protection with a matching side skirt kit. It’s a process that takes less than 15 minutes, and the best part is that you’re not making any permanent changes to your car.

If you ask us, All-Fit is the better option. Click here to see photos with the All-Fit universal lip spoiler installed on a variety of cars.