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Protect Your Car from Bumper Damage | All-Fit Automotive

Protection Through Enhancement

There are only a handful of products on the market that attempt to protect your car’s bumper and/or underside. What products are actually worth the money you spend? Are you settling for a bumper protector that rarely serves a purpose? There is a product in the industry that not only offers advanced protection of everyday driving but also is a great vehicle enhancer.

While most protectors only have that single purpose, there is a product on the market that can be just as superior in appeal as in protection. Some products like the rubber street flap that hangs on the back of your car has that simplistic type of purpose. Which in turn provides a simplistic type of appeal. The flap doesn’t protect from the wear and tear of everyday driving and only offers basic collision protection. The rubber street flap offers nothing to the most vulnerable part of the bumper, the underside. Don’t settle for exterior protection and think that you’re getting good value and protecting your bumper. Protection through enhancement ensures your car is protected from bumper damage.

A lip kit can also help protect your car’s bumper. Lip kits may seem irrelevant when it comes to protection, but they have greatly underestimated value. A lip kit is a rubber addition that adheres to the bottom of your bumper, side skirts or even your entire vehicle. It is known in the industry as mainly an appearance modification but at All-Fit Automotive, we’ve taken the lip kit to a whole new level. All-Fit offers the highest quality rubber material specifically designed for protection through enhancement. Their lip kits are universal and guaranteed to fit any car, any make, and any year. All-Fit’s kits are made of a specific type of rubber that is head and shoulders above the competition and is true unsurpassed protective quality. The product is made to last throughout your car’s lifespan with an added focus of protecting your bumper from everyday damage. Installing a complete All-Fit Lip Kit on your entire vehicle can help protect your car from bumper damage.

Spending $60+ on a rubber street flap, which usually only attaches to the back of your car, doesn’t seem logical. Superficial bumper protectors just can’t offer what All-Fit’s Lip Kit has. The basic lip kit model runs as low as $37.95 but lips come in 48 variations. They differ in length, width, and also 6 different colors to match your vehicle. Protecting your car from bumper damage requires more than just buying a simple exterior protector. Whether your car sits low to the ground or you constantly scrape driveways and parking curbs, only All-Fit Automotive can offer that protection through enhancement.

At, we take great pride in the quality of our products and services. However, no product can offer total protection on your car. That is part of the reason why drivers are required by law to have car insurance. The everyday scraping and bumping is what you truly need protection from. If you get into a wreck and slam into something, having a bumper protector isn’t going to make much of a difference. Whether it’s pulling in and out of driveways, parking to close to curbs, or your car just sits that low to the ground; All-Fit Automotive’s Lip Kit can protect your car from bumper damage.