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All-Fit Lip Kit vs EZ Lip - Universal Bumper Lip Comparison

Looking for a universal lip kit but can’t decide between EZ Lip and All-Fit Universal Lip? We’ll help you compare both lip kits and choose the right one for your car.

Both products are designed to offer a lowered look, assist with aerodynamics, and protect your car from scratches and road debris. Which one offers the most bang for the buck? Let’s find out!

EZ Lip

EZ Lip (which is also called Easy Lip) is a 1-inch spoiler and the EZ Lip Pro version visually lowers the car by up to 2 inches, is made out of EPDM foam, and has 3M adhesive tape on the back.

Lip comparison
All-Fit’s dense, strong material is unlike the sponge-like foam material used by some of their competitors.

All-Fit Universal Lip

All-Fit Universal Lip is a high-strength lip spoiler. It is designed to visually lower your car by a few inches and offer superior protection against curbs and road debris. Like EZ Lip, the All-Fit lip has 3M adhesive tape on the back. The kit also includes corrosion-resistant self-tapping screws and nylon square washers. This little bit of hardware goes a long way to ensure support and durability even in the harshest weather and road conditions. The All-Fit lip comes in three sizes:

  • Traditional All-Fit Lip (adds 1.5 inches to the bottom of your car)
  • All-Fit Mid Lip (adds 2.5 inches to the bottom of your car)
  • All-Fit Fat Lip (adds 3.5 inches to the bottom of your car)


Here’s a chart of the features offered by both lip spoilers:

                                                                        EZ Lip                      All-Fit Universal Lip
Material                                                          EPDM foam                                   Proprietary, dense rubber product
Adhesive 3M adhesive tape 3M adhesive tape
Size(s) 1” and 2” 1.5”, 2.5”, and 3.5”
Front/Rear Bumper Length 8.5 feet 9 feet
Side Skirt Length 8.5 feet 14 feet

Strength & Durability

Both lip spoilers sport the same basic design and serve the same purpose. But, there’s a big difference in the quality and durability between these two.

One of the main reasons people install a lip spoiler and side skirts is to protect their bumpers and sides from the hazards of daily driving. So that means the more durable a lip spoiler is, the more value it offers.

Lip Comparison

The dense rubber, combined with other materials, makes the All-Fit Lip stronger and more durable than this competitor. In fact, a 7' strip of EZ Lip weighs less than half of the same size strip of the All-Fit Lip. Lowered cars scrape on parking curbs and entry points of both business and residential driveways, so a denser, more durable material is a must. The All-Fit Universal Lip flexes with the scraping motion, sliding underneath the vehicle. During this protective action, that All-Fit lip is shielding your vehicle from scrapes. Our industry leading, proprietary All-Fit material is built to endure years of scrapes and abuse, while maintaining its shape and protecting your ride. As demonstrated in the video below, the EZ Lip tears much easier than the All-Fit lip. This means the other product won’t handle curbs, road debris, and other types of impacts as well as the All-Fit lip will.

One of EZ Lip’s unique selling propositions is the fact that no screws or hardware are needed for installation. That's actually not a feature you should be looking for. Screws add a lot of support. All-Fit Lip Kits come with corrosion-resistant screws and custom-stamped washers. These ensure optimal support and resistance to harsh weather and road conditions. Installing a lip spoiler with screws and hardware is easier than it sounds. You can actually install an All-Fit lip in a matter of minutes, even without experience. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.

To read more about how the All-Fit universal lip spoiler outperforms the competition, check this out.