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2003 Honda Accord Lip Kit | Shop All-Fit Automotive

2003 Honda Accord lip kit

The 2003 Honda Accord is a solid car. It is built to keep running, it achieves excellent fuel efficiency for its class, and it features a practical four door design, which makes it a versatile car for all of your transportation needs. Of course for dedicated car enthusiasts, the plain vanilla design of the Accord’s exterior could use a little spicing up with some aftermarket accessories. One of the best ways to do that is with a 2003 Honda Accord lip kit.

Why a Lip Kit?

Of course a lip kit will look fantastic on just about any car, and provides an easy way to improve the outer appearance of an Accord. A lip will lower your Accord by a full 1.5 inches instantly, and the offset color will add an element of stylistic interest to the body. If you are looking to spice up your Accord’s features, a 2003 Honda Accord lip kit is a quick and easy way to do it.

That’s not all though. A lip kit provides some important performance enhancements to the car’s handling, as it alters the aerodynamic properties of the body. By changing the flow of air around the moving vehicle, a lip contributes to increased downforce. It does this by breaking up and lowering the air pressure of the air flow that passes underneath the car. With higher pressure air flowing over the car, and lower pressure air flowing underneath, downforce is achieved, which contributes to increased tire traction, better gas mileage, and a generally stable ride.

A lip kit will also protect the underside of your car. This 2003 Honda Accord lip kit from All-Fit Automotive is made from durable, US-manufactured materials. This durable layer helps protect the bottom of the bumper from road debris and weather elements like snow and rain.

Painless Install

2003 Honda Accord lip kit

The lip kit that All-Fit Automotive offers features a universal design that fits on any car. If you are installing a lip on your Accord, all you have to do is fit the strip to the bottom of your bumper, apply the automotive grade adhesive, and your lip is good to go for life. All you need is scissors to make cuts to the strip so that it fits tightly on your car. The whole process takes about 15 minutes, and no custom modifications or bodywork experience are necessary.

An Affordable Upgrade

Compared to other aftermarket upgrades, a 2003 Honda Accord lip kit costs very little for what it does. You can make a permanent upgrade to the look and performance of your Accord with a painless install, and without having to drain your bank account.

Shop Today

Check out the universal lip kit from All-Fit Automotive and see for yourself what this modification can do for your car. Get all of the required parts shipped right to your house and begin modifying your Accord right away. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.