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Please take a few minutes to read through frequently asked questions from other buyers. Still have unanswered questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • 1

    What is an All-Fit Lip Kit?

    An All-Fit Lip Kit is an aftermarket add on to your existing front bumper, sideskirts and rear bumper.

    Our lip kit not only enhances the appearance of your car and gives a lower look, but it also protects the bottom of your bumper and sideskirts from scrapes and normal driving.

  • 2

    Will the All-Fit Lip Kit fit my car?

    Yes. Even though we do not have pictures of our kit on every car, our product will fit essentially every car in the world.

    Our product is flexible and will form to any type of bumper with correct installation. Please view our gallery to see the different types of bumpers that our car lip kits are fitted to.

  • 3

    How is the All-Fit Lip Kit universal?

    At All-Fit Automotive, we spent extensive time researching the highest quality rubber materials that are flexible and formable.

    We have developed the perfect product that is strong enough to withstand driving conditions and protect your bumper, yet flexible enough to mold and form along the lines of your unique bumper. Similar to a universal front lip spoiler, our signature kits will provide you with an aerodynamic mod that blends form and function.

    All bumpers are different lengths, so we make sure to include enough material for all bumpers. Simply form the lip to your car’s bumper and cut the excess length off with any household scissors.

  • 4

    Can the All-Fit Lip Kit only fit the front bumper or can it fit on my sideskirts and rear bumper?

    We recommend the sideskirts and rear bumper lip kit to complete the look of the kit for all cars. While this is not required, the full kit really completes the look.

    Please view our gallery to see the different cars with our lip kit installed all the way around the car

  • 5

    What size/length do I need to fit my car?

    Most cars only need an 8-foot kit for their front bumper and 8 feet for their rear bumper.

    We do recommend purchasing 9 feet of material to ensure enough material. Please measure your bumper first if you are going to be purchasing less than 9 feet of the All-Fit Lip Kit.

    For the sideskirts, we recommend 7 feet per side. Please view our complete kit for an all in one solution for your entire car.

  • 6

    How long will it take to install the All-Fit Lip Kit and can I install the kit with no automotive experience?

    Any of our car bumper lip kits take the average person 15-30 minutes to install. Anyone, regardless of experience, is capable of installing our products in their own driveway.

    Please view our installation instructions to see how easy the install truly is.

  • 7

    Is there a warranty?

    Correct installation is very important to ensure a lifelong product. Reckless driving will greatly decrease the lifespan.

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer a warranty as for too many factors play into the lifespan of the material. Correctly install and take care of the product, and the All-Fit Lip Kit will protect your bumper for a lifetime. Please see our return policy for more information.

  • 8

    What tools do I need for installation?

    You will need a pair of regular household scissors and a screwdriver if you wish to install the screws and washers.

    We highly recommend using the supplied screws and washers for a more secure installation.

  • 9

    How wide is the All-Fit Lip Kit and how much lower will the kit make my car?

    Our car bumper lip kit is 2.5 inches wide and will make your car approximately 1.5 inches lower.

    By adding our lip to your car, you will add an extra layer of protection.

  • 10

    How long will the All-Fit Lip Kit last?

    We offer the highest quality universal lip kit on the market. With correct installation and normal driving, the lip will last for the entire life of the car.

    Reckless driving and abuse of your front bumper while driving and parking may substantially lower the lifetime of our product. The All-Fit Lip Kit will withstand normal rain and snow associated with everyday driving..

  • 11

    I am outside of the US, will you still ship to me?

    Yes. We will ship anywhere in the world with a confirmed shipping address supplied when ordering.

  • 12

    When will I receive my order?

    Most orders in the United States will be shipped within 2 business days and will be received in 3-5 business days from the date of the order.

    For international shipments of any of our car bumper lips or other mods, customs can sometimes delay the package and take up to 60 days. Most international buyers receive their order in 15-20 days.

  • 13

    What is your return policy? How do I return the item?

    If you are unhappy with your product, please return the item within 30 days of your purchase for a refund. Simply contact us with your reason for return and request an RMA number. We will also confirm which location to return the product to. We cannot process a return unless the item is sent to the correct location with the supplied RMA number.

    All returns receive a 20% restocking fee as we cannot and do not resell returned products to other paying customers. Any paid shipping fees by the buyer are non-refundable. If an order received free shipping, the actual shipping cost on our end is non-refundable. Your return will be inspected upon arrival. Pending the condition of the returned item, the product may be subject to a larger restocking fee. As our product is a one time use product, it is non-returnable after use. We reserve the right to deny a return if we feel our policy is being abused. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Any refund prior to shipment is subject to a 10% non-refundable fee.

  • 14

    Do you offer wholesale pricing?

    Please contact us for wholesale pricing.
    We also offer group buy discounts for multiple orders.