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Available All-Fit Vehicle Accessories

World renowned for its extreme durability, the All-Fit Lip Kit protects your vehicle bumpers and sideskirt from curbs and scrapes while also adding an aggressive, lowered look. Easy to install, our Lip Kit is guaranteed to fit, look great, and last.
Set your car apart with a colored edge to your rim. Serving as a layer of protection while making your vehicle stand out.
Protect your vehicle's edges from chips and scratches. Inner adhesive allows for a secure bond.
Add to the gaps of your interior for a one off look. Fits in minutes while entirely revamping your interior.
Standout by adding chrome or carbon fiber accents or blackout your vehicle with versatile, adhesive backed trim. Many various widths available.
Dual Flex Trim is an excellent way to add trim and protection to an edged surface. Add to your trunk lid for a chromed or carbon fiber look.
Fix broken bumper/fender tabs, quickly remove your bumper or simply enhance the look of your vehicle.