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Rim Trim™ Protects Your Wheels From Damage


Prevent Damage From Curbs When Parking, At The Drive Thru, Etc.

Hide Existing Wheel Damage and Scratches

Add Some Color Or Keep It Low Key (Black and Silver Blend In On Most Wheels)


Stylish Protection For Wheel Rims Up To 24"




"This kit came as expected with all necessary prepping wipes and 3M tape...I’m confident it will protect my wheels, and it also did a great job hiding the slight curb rash I had. I’m very impressed with the quality, and it’s also made in USA!"

- J. Parsons

Save 40% On Our Most Popular Product!

Protect your wheels from scuffs and scrapes with All-Fit’s award-winning Rim Trim™!

  • Tough, OEM grade material that is made to protect and customize
  • Available in 3/8″ width
  • Enough material (25′) for up to four 24″ rims
  • NEW premium finishes – carbon fiber and chrome look
  • NEW colors – pink and purple

With eleven colors available, it’s easy to give your vehicle a custom look.

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"These are really great and half the cost of most rim protectors. Use the adhesive sponge sparingly and it will go a long way."


Top Quality Wheel Rim Protection

Wheel Damage Is Ugly And Costly To Repair - Prevent It With Rim Trim!

  • Tough, OEM Grade Material Prevents Most Scrapes
  • Step-by-Step Instructions For Easy Install
  • Add Colors Like Red, White, or Blue As An Accent
  • OR Get Black or Silver Rim Trim So It Blends In

Remember: It's Harder To Repair A Wheel Than It Is To Protect It.

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"Easy to install, just follow the instructions. The first time I installed it, I just didn’t cut it the right way. There was a little bit extra and it wore out. I asked for a replacement and they were so helpful and understanding and sent me a replacement."


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Easy Installation - Just Follow The Instructions

Everything You Need to Install Rim Trim™ Is Included

Use the provided rubbing alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean the edge of each rim. Use additional rubbing alcohol and a rag for thorough cleaning.
After the wheels are dry, use the provided glove to apply the included adhesive promoter to the edge of each rim, moving quickly from wheel to wheel.
Allow adhesive promoter to dry and become tacky.
Peel a 2" section of the Rim Trim tape liner, and carefully press on the trim as you move precisely around the wheel. Peel the tape liner as you go. Press very firmly.
Reapply pressure over the trim to confirm a strong bond.
Cut Rim Trim to length, and then apply the provided clear adhesive strip to the seam between each end of the Rim Trim.
Allow adhesive to cure for at least 24 hours, and ideally 48 hours. If you have problems with adhesion, please contact us.