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All-Fit Bumper Scrape Guard

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Prevent scrapes on the underside of your bumper or lip splitter with All-Fit Automotive’s Bumper Scrape Guard.

  • Universal fit and tough material designed to protect all vehicles
  • Can be installed as a single strip or cut into pieces for a custom look
  • Secure install with 3M adhesive

All-Fit’s bumper protector is ideal for any low-profile car or anyone looking to prevent damage from speed bumps, parking curbs, and other obstacles.

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All-Fit’s Bumper Scrape Guard is a low-cost solution for protecting your lip splitter and/or bumper underside. Keep your car clean from scrapes and scratches without breaking the bank. This added layer of hidden protection will take the brunt of the impact from parking curbs, steep driveways, potholes, and speed bumps.

Affordable Protection

All-Fit’s Bumper Scrape Guard is an affordable way to keep your lip splitter or underside of the bumper protected. Our scrape guard is:

  • 1 1/2 inches wide and can be installed as a single strip or multiple strips for extra surface protection
  • All black for a nearly invisible look
  • Fit nearly all standard cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Easy to remove with no damage to OEM paint

Easy DIY Install

Bumper Scrape Guard is simple to install- no tools needed! Each order comes with easy-to-follow DIY instructions. Clean, measure, cut, apply – that’s it. Or you can install Bumper Scrape Guard as one long piece at the front of your bumper lip or splitter. Protect your paint. Protect your lip splitter. Order your Bumper Scrape Guard today!


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