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All-Fit Lip Kit Installation Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Debris and road grime can damage your vehicle. Protect it with a lip kit from All-Fit Automotive! Our universal lip spoilers install easily, without hassle. They provide a durable layer of protection against scratches and dents that ruin a good looking vehicle. Are you wondering how to install a splitter and want to know how easy it is to add a lip to your vehicle? Here are our straightforward lip kit installation instructions:

What You Need Before Installation

All-Fit Automotive kits include everything you need for a fast spoiler install like screws, washers, and a rubbing alcohol wipe. No special skills or tools are needed for installation! All you need is scissors, some cleaning solution, and maybe a screwdriver (more on that later).

Before beginning, you need to prep the bumper. If there is a factory bumper guard, you may need to remove it first. After that, clean the lower part of your bumper with your favorite solution or even soap. Lay out the universal lip spoiler kit while waiting for the bumper to dry. Feel free to give the lip a test fit before you remove the tape.

Quick and Easy Installation

universal lip spoiler install

Once the prep work is done, then the actual spoiler install is easy. Start with one end of your bumper and peel off the red 3M tape covering to expose the adhesive. As you work around the vehicle, gradually remove the tape while firmly pressing the lip against the lower portion of the bumper.

If you find yourself hitting a snag during the install when bending the lip around the curves of the bumper, you can cut a “V” into the lip. This allows for cleaner bending, but this should only be done if necessary for oddly shaped bumpers. Then continue applying the lip around the bumper, following its contours. When you get to the end, simply cut off any excess!

Making Sure the Lip is Secure

The lip’s adhesives are strong enough to form a tough bond with your bumper, but it never hurts to have some added assurance. If you’d like a bit more secure of an installation, use the screws and washers included with the kit.

Using a screwdriver with these pieces ensures your universal lip spoiler provides lifelong protection. This also helps if the tape doesn’t stick to all surfaces. To add these, start from the lip’s beginning and install a screw and a washer. Then apply another approximately every foot around the bumper to ensure the most secure bond.

Order Your Kit Today

Regardless if you are installing a lip on your front or rear bumper - or even a side skirt - the process of how to install a splitter is the same. Installation takes less than 30 minutes! Jacking up your vehicle can help, allowing for more workspace. Also, a heat gun is handy to ensure a secure bond if you are installing the lip in cold conditions.

The universal lip spoiler kits from All-Fit Automotive are just that easy to install. Since they are so simple and provide such great protection, why wouldn’t you want to install a spoiler? Protect your vehicle today by  purchasing your lip kit and make sure it always looks great.