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Updating Your Used Car | All-Fit Automotive Lip Kits - Blog

Just because you are driving a used car doesn’t mean you are tied to the style of the vehicle’s previous owner. Whether you want to give your car a cleaner look or improve performance, there are plenty of easy used car upgrades to choose from; even if you are on a budget. For an affordable option that adds character to your vehicle then get a mod from All-Fit Automotive today.

Find a Lip to Fit Your Vehicle

One of the best mods you can add to a used vehicle is a protective lip. We have a variety of lip kits for used cars that are easy to install no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. They give your vehicle practical protection to keep it looking great. Click here to view our selection of lip options which includes the Traditional All-Fit Lip Kit with a 1.5-inch overhang, 2.5-inch Mid Lip, or a 3.5-inch Fat Lip. You can also give your vehicle complete 360-degree protection by adding front and rear bumpers along with durable side skirts.

Minimize Repair & Fuel Costs

With our used car lip kits your vehicle will be safeguarded from the common dings, dents, and scratches everyone faces on the road. Each kit utilizes premium American-manufactured materials to create a tough source of protection no matter what shape your car is in. Kits make for the perfect used car upgrade because they not only keep your car looking great, but minimize repair costs.

Lip mods do more than just offer protection to your car. By improving your vehicle’s aerodynamics, you’ll see better fuel mileage and go further before having to hit the pump. This can result in significant savings over the life of your car, no matter what kind of performance it has been rated for.

Easy to Install Mods

What’s great about the used car lip kits from All-Fit Automotive is there’s no need for specialty tools to install them. In each kit you’ll get pre-installed and heat bonded automotive grade tape that ensures a clean and permanent bond without any hassle. To make installations fast and easy kits also have corrosion-resistant self-tapping screws along with custom-stamped black nylon square washers. Installation takes less than 30 minutes and all you need is a screwdriver and a pair of scissors!

If you want a high quality used car upgrade then our range of lip kits are the perfect solutions. They add an unmatched level of protection to your vehicle no matter the model. Best of all, they are priced to fit in any budget.

At All-Fit Automotive we want to give you the best way to outfit your vehicle with style. Our kits are a great balance of form and function to make them the ultimate used car upgrade. Browse the options in our inventory and find the perfect lip solution for your vehicle today.