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Nissan Maxima Lip Kit | All-Fit Automotive

Nissan Maxima lip kitLike Bruce Wayne entering his secret cave to emerge as Batman, or mild-mannered Clark Kent transforming into Superman, the business-like flagship Nissan sedan takes on a powerful look with a Nissan Maxima lip kit from All-Fit Automotive.

Get a Customized Look Without the High Cost

A Nissan Maxima lip kit from All-Fit Automotive lets you showcase the sporty alter ego hiding under the conventional outer appearance of your four-door sedan. In a matter of minutes, All-Fit’s universal lip kit changes your car’s exterior profile by lowering your bumper by a full 1.5 inches for a more dynamic and aggressive look. It instantly adds depth to the body design with a subtle color offset that accents the overall shade for a tailored, sophisticated style that makes a bold statement. The All-Fit Automotive kit is affordable, so you can give your car a tailored look without breaking the bank on an overpriced Nissan Maxima lip kit.

Protection for the Life of Your Car

Made of premium U.S.-manufactured material, the All-Fit  universal lip kit is the highest-quality universal kit in the industry. Its sturdy material protects your car from the scrapes, bumps, dings, scratches, and marks caused by everyday “hazards” including curbs, driveways, road debris, gravel and snow piles. Its tear-resistant guard boasts the strength, flexibility and durability to last the life of your car.

Change Your Car’s Look Quickly and Easily

Even if you’ve never worked on a car before, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to install your Nissan Maxima lip kit from All-Fit Automotive. Most installations can be done in 30 minutes or less. All-Fit Automotive provides everything you need for a secure installation that will last the life of your car, using just a pair of scissors and a screwdriver. The kit includes the ultra-durable lip, with 3M tape pre-installed and heat-bonded to the lip for a clean, permanent grip. Self-tapping coated screws provide an easy puncture for a secure, corrosion-resistant hold. Custom stamped black nylon square washers are also provided for a stable, enduring connection that will stand up to the rigors of daily driving. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.

Nissan Maxima lip kit

All-Fit Automotive even provides step-by-step instructions and an  online video to show you exactly how it’s done.

Affordable, Aftermarket Modification Made in the USA

The All-Fit universal lip kit is a stylish and affordable aftermarket add-on that improves the appearance, aerodynamics and fuel efficiency of your car. It offers an unbeatable combination of quality, style, performance and affordability that other Nissan Maxima lip kits can’t match.

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