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What You Need to Know About Universal Lip Kits | All-Fit Automotive

How A Universal Lip Kit Can Improve your Car’s Style and Performance

How can you enhance your car’s look while also improving performance? Aftermarket car parts are a dime a dozen. With the Internet being a shopping center for anything and everything, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack when deciding what to buy. Simplify your shopping and buying by searching for a product that can offer high quality products with more than one attribute. However, price and installation are still major factors in purchasing aftermarket car parts. A universal lip kit is a DIY (do it yourself) aftermarket car part that won’t only add a unique style to your car but will also improve the performance.

Your car’s improvement from a universal lip kit depends on the quality of the material. The universal lip kit is a piece of rubber adhered with double sided tape that attaches to the underside of your bumper, side skirts or even your entire vehicle. With a new you lip kit, you can expect improved aerodynamics for your vehicle since a sleeker shape allows more air to be passed through your engine for less drag. This is similar to the way most NASCAR or other racing cars improve their car’s driving performance. However, enhancing the look and adding a unique style to your car is most people’s goal. From a style perspective, a lip kit upgrade can improve your car’s look by lowering the total body of your car.

Compared to a rubber lip kit, other body kits are usually made of a plastic or similar type of material that can break down or even break from the wear and tear of everyday driving. But not all lip kits are made of the same quality; so don’t settle for just any type of lip kit offered on the market. Producing the highest quality material will prove how a universal lip kit can improve your car’s style and performance.

All-Fit Automotive is a US company that specializes in universal lip kits that are made of the highest quality rubber in the industry. All-Fit’s lip kits are made of a motor grade rubber meant to not only hold up against the wear and tear of everyday driving but also add a layer of protection to the underside of your car. All-Fit Automotive produces and packages all of their products right here in America and have shipped to over 55 countries and have retailers worldwide. There kits differ in length, width and even color choices. With 3.5 inches of width being there boldest design and offering colors like pink and red, their options are endless. By providing the highest quality rubber and offering the most unique stylish options, installing an All-Fit Complete Universal Lip Kit can improve your car’s look and performance. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.