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How to Install All-Fit Gap Trim

Looking for a unique way to spruce up your car’s interior? The All-Fit gap trim might be just what you need. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, and something that brings a whole lot of color and style to your car’s interior.

Even though the All-Fit gap trim looks like a high-end modification, it is really an easy mod.

All-Fit Gap Trim Installation Instructions

  1. Measure the length of all of the sections where you want to apply the trim. This step is best done with a flexible measuring tape.
  2. Cut the gap trim into all the necessary pieces.
  3. Push the gap trim into all the gaps. Make sure each section is secured.

Useful Tips

Let's close this post with a few useful tips:

  1. Each unit of gap trim is 10 feet long. Measure the length of all of the gaps you want to fill in with the trim first before ordering. That way, you'll have an accurate idea of how many units you'll need. Be sure to leave some room for error.
  2. If the gap is too thick, you may need to add double-sided tape and fold the bottom part over to secure the trim inside the gap.

Got any questions about installing and/or measuring the gap trim? Please contact us.