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Subaru Brz Lip Kit Installation? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

8 Mistakes New Car Owners Make


Even if you’re not a total gear head, you should realize that there are certain fundamental things you should be doing with a new car that will ensure greater longevity for your ride.

After all, unless you’re made of money, you don’t want to be buying a brand new car very often. These helpful tips will make sure that your car lasts a long time.

Don’t Forget to Wash

Skipping a trip to the local wash and dry every once in a while won’t kill your car, but over time, dirt, filth and grime can build up and take away from your car’s finish, ultimately leading to a decline in the resale value. Depending on where you live and the conditions, a good scrubbing every week or two, preferably by hand, can work wonders on your car’s appearance.

Avoid Hard Driving

Taking it easy for the first few thousand miles on your car can have positive effects throughout the life of your car. No matter what your normal driving habits are, experts recommend avoiding redlining and jamming on the brakes too hard for the first few thousand miles of a car’s life. Also, don’t forget to change the oil almost immediately after the first 20 miles and then every 3,000 miles or so after that.

Avoid Over-Customizing

Adding fancy, over-the-top custom body kits may be a step too far for the next buyer that comes along who you will be trying to sell your car to. For example, if you bought a Subaru and installed a Subaru brz lip kit, you might run into trouble trying to resell the car to dealers or private customers who don’t like the customized, aggressive look that a Subaru brz lip kit gives the car. Click here to view our full selection of lip options.

Of course, instead of a Subaru brz lip kit, you could always install a universal lip kit that might be a lot less hassle and looks just as great, but if the dealership doesn’t want cars with accessories like this, you’re out of luck. Most importantly, when thinking about accessories, car owners should really avoid aftermarket accessories that alter the powertrain or safety of the car.

Hold on to Paperwork

Keeping the paperwork from the sale of your car will make it that much easier to turn the thing around and make a chunk of change back for your investment. Make sure to keep a record of the sale and of all major repairs throughout your time with the car, so you can present a fair assessment of the car to potential buyers.

Whether or not you are thinking of selling your car or buying a hot new accessory like the Subaru brz lip kit, check back in with All-Fit Automotive’s blog for tips and ideas about the best way to take care of your car so you can drive it for a long time!