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Honda Accord Lip Kit - Make Your Used Car Look New

The 5 Best Ways to Make a Used Car Look New

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Your car may be used, but it doesn’t have to look used up. There are plenty of ways that you can easily and inexpensively revitalize the appearance of your ride. Here are 5 of our favorite tips.

Wash and Dry

This sounds obvious, but for those who don’t have a lot of money, a custom car wash - which could cost anywhere from $20 to $50 depending on where you live and the services you’re looking for - is a quick, simple way to improve the look of your car. It’s a small price to pay for a car that will turn heads. Why bother with any of the other accessories on this list, like the customized Honda Accord Lip Kit, if your car is too dirty?

Give It a Paint Job

Of course, one of the best ways to add new life to your car’s appearance is to add a custom paint job. Skilled painters can cover up most nicks and dings your car has suffered over the years, as well as the larger cosmetic eyesores.

Though paint jobs or custom detailing can end up costing a pretty penny, it’s definitely one way to have your car get noticed as soon as you roll down the street.

Get a Tune Up

It’s great if your car looks good while its parked, but how does it look and sound when it’s actually on the road? Paying a few extra dollars to have a mechanic look under the hood should be a high priority for those who want to reinvigorate their used cars.

Mechanics can check out those strange sounds and noises and find hidden problems in the engine that have yet to crop up. They could end up saving you thousands in the long run.

Adding New Headlights

Headlights are a minor detail in the overall look of a car but given all the great customizable options out there, they’re an excellent idea for a quick upgrade of your car. Plus, depending on the product you buy, you may be able to install them yourself fairly easily.

Installing a Lip Kit

A new lip kit can work wonders for your ride to make it look newer and more sporty. A front lip is a subtle accessory that is added to the bumper of your car to make the car look closer to the ground, giving it a sharper, more street-ready look.

For car owners who have Accords, the Honda Accord lip kit is especially effective in giving the car some additional zip. No doubt about it, the Honda Accord lip kit is a great way to add speed.

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