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A Universal Bumper Lip Splitter That Fits All Vehicles? We've Got That

Bumper lip splitters add a custom look to your vehicle. When looking at a well-built bumper lip, it’s easy to believe that the owner paid a lot of money to have it custom made for their vehicle. But here are 2 secrets:

  1. Not all bumper lips cost a lot of money
  2. Universal bumper lips exist, and they look great on any vehicle

In other words, affordable universal bumper lips exist. Talk about a win-win situation!

Only Soft Bumper Lip Splitters Can Be Universal


There are two basic types of lip spoilers:

  1. Hard
  2. Soft

Only soft bumper lip splitters can be universal. Hard bumper lips are molded to a certain bumper shape. They’re rigid, so it’s impossible for a hard bumper lip to have a universal shape and look great on most cars.

A soft bumper lip is flexible. Soft bumper lips are made of silicone rubber, synthetic rubber, or a patented soft material. If you ask us, soft bumper lips are a much better investment than hard bumper lips because:

  • Soft bumper lips are more affordable than hard bumper lips
  • Hard bumper lips break easily, while soft bumper lips don’t
  • Soft bumper lips are flexible, so they provide more protection from scrapes
  • Soft bumper lips are so much easier to install

Don’t go out and buy the first soft bumper lip you see, though. Not all soft bumper lips are high quality.

What Is An All-Fit Bumper Lip?

All-Fit makes some of the sturdiest bumper lips on the market. In fact, we have a partnership with a professional racing team called Team Sahlen. They outfit all of their Porsche Caymans with the All-Fit lip kit. If you're looking for a truly track proven universal bumper lip, look no further than the All-Fit Lip Kit.

Our bumper lips are made with a proprietary rubber blend. The unique material lasts a long time and is easy to bend to mold to your bumper.

All our bumper lips:

  • Come in a variety of sizes and color options
  • Last a long time, even with heavy abuse
  • Are easy to install
  • Are affordable
  • Come with a one-year guarantee

The All-Fit Bumper Lip Works With Any Bumper

An All-Fit bumper lip works with any bumper. They are easy to attach to your car using the provided high quality adhesive tape. In some hidden spots you may want to add a couple small body screws. This ensures that your All-Fit bumper lip attaches firmly to all surfaces. Check out our installation guide for more information.

Treat your car to a universal All-Fit bumper lip today!