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CRX Lip Kit | How a Lip Kit Can Boost Your Honda CRX

Honda CRX Lip Kit

The Honda CRX is a practical and versatile car that is prized for its upgradable nature, excellent fuel economy, and sporty look. The CRX makes an excellent vehicle for commuters, but it also has endless potential for street-savvy automotive enthusiasts. This cult-classic yet sporty compact can be used as your daily driver for years, especially if you maintain it properly. In order to increase the lifespan of your CRX, while also boosting performance, fuel efficiency, handling, aerodynamics, aesthetics, and more, consider installing a CRX lip kit, like the universal lip kit from All-Fit Automotive.

What Is a Lip Kit?

The All-Fit Lip Kit is used instead of a front lip spoiler or a chin spoiler. It attaches conveniently to nearly any bumper, and it gives you that lowered look at a fraction of the cost. Hardcore automotive enthusiasts all over the world have fallen in love with this surprisingly affordable accessory. The All-Fit CRX lip kit is built to last, and many users even keep their lip kits around longer than their vehicles. Here are a few of the outstanding benefits you can expect when you install your new All-Fit Lip Kit.

Sleek and Modern Styling

Honda CRX Lip Kit

The first thing you notice about the All-Fit CRX lip kit is how much character and attitude it adds to the car. Plenty of automobile enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars just to get that look, not realizing that an All-Fit Lip Kit is an all-around better option. The All-Fit Lip Kit is also ideal if you don’t want to permanently modify your vehicle, and installing it is a breeze. In fact, even drivers who have never customized a vehicle should be able to have their lip kit installed and ready to go within 15 minutes.

Protect Your Vehicle

If you’re a regular on the road, eventually you’re going to take a pebble shot to the body of your car. Even the tiniest ding or dent can be highly distressing, not to mention the cost of getting it fixed. A lip kit helps to block the hazards of the road, while also keeping your finish in pristine condition. Our universal CRX lip kit is durable and built to last, so you should never have to worry about buying it a seco

Improve Your Car’s Aerodynamics and time.

Red Honda CRX Lip Kit

Aerodynamics plays a pivotal a role in your vehicle’s overall handling, performance, and fuel consumption. If you dropped identical components into two differently shaped bodies, you’re going to see very different stats. Airflow under your vehicle can lead to an unstable, slower ride. Using the All-Fit CRX lip kit increases down force, and helps the airflow to move along the sides of your car, rather than underneath. This improvement in aerodynamics is going to be noticeable as you drive, as well as when you’re paying for gas. Click here to view our full selection of rim options.

Try the All-Fit Lip Kit and See for Yourself

You would have a tough time finding a better automotive upgrade – especially at this price point. If you have any questions about the All-

Fit Lip Kit, we encourage you to get in touch at (619) 500-3669. You can also send us a message through our Contact Page if you prefer. Place your order online through our secure website today, and you could be enjoying your new CRX lip kit in as little as 3 to 5