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Want an Integra Front Lip? All-Fit Automotive Has Advice!

What You Need to Know About Integra Front Lip

There are a lot of options for aftermarket car accessories out there today, and All-Fit Automotive gets a lot of inquiries about how our particular lip kit compares to the competition.

While we’re extremely proud of our product, there’s no harm in giving customers information on other options. After all, a knowledgeable customer is a happy customer. If you have all the info, we have confidence that you are more likely to purchase our product.

Should You Get a Front Lip?

A front lip is a great idea if you want to give your car a sporty look with some attitude thrown in. A lot of people invest in a front lip as an affordable aftermarket accessory that can be self- installed.

In addition, there is a protective element to the front lip accessory. A front lip can protect your car’s bumper from scratches and scrapes, which adds to the quality of appearance over the long run. At high speeds, the front lip can also increase the aerodynamic nature of your car, giving it more speed when you need it.

But buyer beware, all front lips are not created equal. For instance, the Integra Front Lip is a great option for some, but it is definitely not for everyone. Find out why below.

When Should You Buy an Integra Front Lip?

The short answer to this question is whether or not you own an Acura Integra. Buying an Integra Front Lip that is custom made for the Acura Integra should only be done if you own an Integra.

That being said, other than the adhering identically to the size specifications of the Acura Integra, most versions of the Integra Front Lip are like other front lips: a lightweight polyurethane strip placed beneath the front bumper of the car to add style and alter wind resistance.

The All-Fit Lip Kit—A Different Type of Front Lip

Unlike the narrow horizons of the Integra Front Lip, the All-Fit Lip Kit is universal and can fit on the standard-sized bumper of any car out on the market. Whether you have an Integra or not, All-Fit Automotive has you covered.

The All-Fit Automotive Advantage

Here at All-Fit we take pride in our commitment to customer service. When you buy a product with All-Fit Automotive, you can rest assured that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied, as well as customer support if you have any troubles installing the lip on the front of the car.

Please check out the FAQ section of our site for more information on our policies and excellent customer service.

You have many options when looking for a lip kit for your car, but only All-Fit Automotive offers a high-quality, affordable universal lip-kit as well as the customer service to back it up. What more could you want? Click here to view our full selection of lip options.