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Enhancing Your 2013 Honda Accord Sport with a Lip Kit | All-Fit Automotive

2013 Honda Accord Sport lip kit

2013 Honda Accord Sport Lip Kit Adds Stylish Protection

The 2013 Honda Accord Sport impressed Car and Driver’s senior editor Jared Gall so much that he called it “the perfect car for just about everybody.” But what do you do if you don’t want your car to looks like “just about everybody” else’s? All-Fit Automotive has an affordable and head-turning solution -- a 2013 Honda Accord Sport Lip Kit.

Set Your Sport Apart

If you’ve got a Sport model, you’ve already made the statement that, while you appreciate the legendary performance of one of the top selling cars over the past 20 years, you aren’t willing to settle for its basic appearance. With 18-inch aluminum wheels, dual chrome exhaust tips, fog lamps and trunk-mounted spoiler, the Sport version of Honda’s workhorse sedan makes a bigger style impact than its base model counterpart. A 2013 Honda Accord Sport Lip Kit from All-Fit Automotive will take that style to the next level.

It instantly changes your car’s exterior profile by lowering your bumper by a full 1.5 inches for a more aggressive edge. The subtle color offset adds an extra dose of dynamic visual impact to help transform your car from basic to bold. You’ll get a modified look without breaking the bank on a pricey custom 2013 Honda Accord Sport Lip Kit.

Protect Your Car from Marks and Scrapes

All-Fit sells the highest-quality universal lip kit in the industry. Its premium U.S.-manufactured material guards your car bumper from the scrapes, bumps and marks from curbs, driveways, debris, and snow piles with a tear-resistant shield that will last the life of your car (and with a Honda, that can be a very long time). All-Fit lip delivers superior density, strength and durability to provide a secure, reliable shield against damage from everyday driving conditions.

2013 Honda Accord Sport lip kit

Do It Yourself and Look Like a Pro

All-Fit lip kits come with all the materials you need to install a 2013 Honda Accord Sport Lip Kit like an experienced tuner, even if it’s your first time modifying a car. Automotive grade authentic 3M tape is pre-installed and heat bonded to the lip for a clean, permanent bond -- just peel off the backing and apply the lip to the bumper or side skirt. Self-tapping coated screws offer an easy puncture for a corrosion-resistant hold, and custom stamped black nylon square washers help make the installation even more secure. All-Fit even provides  step-by-step instructions and an online video to show you exactly how to do it. With just a pair of scissors and a basic handheld screwdriver, you can transform your car in as little as 15 minutes.

Get the customized look of a premium 2013 Honda Accord Sport lip kit with the affordable, easy to install universal lip kit from All-Fit Automotive. For an affordable, all-in-one product, count on All-Fit for the ultimate in protection, appearance and performance. Click here to view the full line of lip kits for front bumper, rear bumper and full-body protection available at