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The Only Lip Kit Durable Enough To Protect Your Vehicle And Give It A Lowered Look

(726 customer reviews)

"Product was [easy] to install and took minutes. Also, I cannot believe the durability. First drive with it scraped pulling into the gas station. Just brushed it off like it never happened. Could not have said the same with a carbon lip…"


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Our Most Popular Product


30' 2.5" Mid-Lip Kit

Protect your bumper(s) and/or side skirts from scrapes with an All-Fit Lip Kit!

  • Tough, OEM grade material that is made in the USA and does not rip or tear
  • Available in 1.5″, 2.5″, and 3.5″ widths
  • Choose to protect your front bumper only, side skirts, or the whole vehicle
  • Easy install – goes on just like a rigid bumper lip
  • Looking for a color other than black? Shop here.

With up to six colors available, it’s easy to give your vehicle a custom look.


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"I installed the [competitor's lip] on my sides and will be returning them after getting the All-Fit. It’s a no brainer. The All-Fit Lip Kit is much better and takes your car to the next level!"

Lance C.

All-Fit Lip Kit vs. Other Leading Brands

The All-Fit Lip Kit protects your vehicle's bumpers and side skirts better than any other material. Carbon Fiber lips are cool, but they're expensive and shatter easily. ABS is more affordable, but still costly and scuffs easily. And foam rubber lips (which you can find for just a few dollars on Amazon or eBay) tear the first time you scrape a parking block.

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Before & After 2.5" Mid Lip Install

View shown is the front lower-quarter panel of a 2020 Volvo S40

"I removed another brand’s lip when work was done on my bumper. I replaced it with the All-Fit 2.5” and couldn’t be happier! Much tougher and the install kit comes with mounting screws to help keep it on. Side rails and rear bumper will be done next!"

Bradley S.

Easy Installation

Every All-Fit Lip Kit is ready to install right out of the box, with all the necessary hardware included. All you need are basic hand tools and a little patience. See this installation video for more information.