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Protect Your Vehicle and Give it A Lowered Look!

The All-Fit Lip Kit
  • Heavy-Duty Lip Protects Bumpers and Sideskirts
  • Give Your Vehicle A Custom, Lowered Look
  • Easy Installation, Guaranteed To Last!
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Style and Protection

Universal fit lip spoiler Front bumper lip spoiler

For nearly a decade, the All-Fit Lip has been the best vehicle lip that money can buy.

  • Prevents scrapes and damage
  • Will not rip or tear, even when it's dragged over an obstacle — guaranteed
  • Fits all vehicles and installation is easy

Of course, the All-Fit Lip looks great too. With multiple sizes and colors to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect look.

Bumper Lip Before and After

"The quality of this product is top notch! I've tried multiple universal bumper lips and they all failed. Just make sure to really clean your bumper with 70%-90% rubbing alcohol, use the adhesive enhancer, and take your time making sure everything's right the first time. If you have a bumper that has aggressive curves, simply cut a "v" on the bumper lip and it should work itself around it.Now, the adhesive is really strong at the moment, but just for peace of mind, I added some screws underneath to make it a more future proof...I finally found the perfect bumper lip!"

Amazon review from lemueljedc

Choose The Perfect Color And Size

1.5 inch bumper lip spoiler The 1.5" lip has a low-profile and an affordable price.

Our 1.5" lip is perfect for vehicle owners that want a low-profile styling accessory that prevents damage.

6 Colors To Choose From, Starts at $59.95

2.5 inch bumper lip spoiler The 2.5" lip looks best on most vehicles.

The 2.5" lip is our most popular product - it will give your vehicle an aggressive look, perfect for lowered vehicles.

6 Colors To Choose From, Starts at $79.95

3.5 inch bumper lip spoiler Our 3.5" Fat Lip is designed to give lowered vehicles a slammed look.

Our 3.5" Fat Lip is one of a kind - bold styling and the most protection. This lip is very popular with lowered vehicle owners.

Available in White or Black, Starts at $99.95

See How The All-Fit Lip Compares

The All-Fit Lip is not a cheap imported garage door seal in a fancy package - it's a quality automotive accessory that's made in the USA.

Lip Spoiler Comparison Chart

As the comparison shows, the All-Fit Lip is a better product than cheap rubber lip spoilers, and a better choice than a pricey spoiler made from ABS, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a fragile lip spoiler, when you can get the All-Fit Lip Kit instead?