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Cobalt SS Front Lip | Read About Chevy Lip Kits - Blog

Chevy Cobalt Lip Kit

The Chevy Cobalt SS is one of the most underrated, quickest cars in the sport compact class. Its affordable, durable and yet still performs at the highest level. The sport compact class is a car modifier’s dream. The Cobalt SS is perfect to have any aftermarket modification part. Nonetheless people underestimate the true style and flexibility the SS allows to take on with any changes made to it. Even small changes, like adding a Cobalt SS front lip have people asking, “what kind of car that is”?

The most affordable and yet effective modification is a front lip kit. The SS sits somewhat low to the ground and can be exposed to scarps to the bottom of the bumper. Don’t let your SS take the beating of your sports car way of driving. Enhance and protect your Cobalt SS front lip with a lip kit. Also, the front lip kit can enhance the natural look of the car without breaking the bank and not require a professional install. Self-installing the lip kit adds a little more ‘you’ to the car and can make the end result feel and look even better.

Front lips are a great feature to many cars. However, it’s the perfect modification to a Cobalt SS due to the natural body style of the sport compact class. Major changes and expensive modifications don’t have to be made in order to stand out and give your SS a great look. Front lips will surprise a lot of people on the enhancement and true protection they provide. Now where do I get the best front lip?

There are a few companies on the Internet that can offer quality front lip kits. However, there is only one company that can offer the worlds strongest, highest quality and yet still unique front lip. The company All-Fit Automotive, at, offers a variety of universal modification car parts. Your Cobalt SS front lip would really stand out with a universal All-Fit front lip kit. They offer a front lip as low as $37.95 and they guarantee it to fit. Not many companies can offer that type of universal part that also lives up to the hype of the enhancement and protection. The All-Fit lip kit also adheres to the natural curve of your front bumper and can be easily installed right out of the box. It is made of a specific type of rubber that bends and flexes with your car. Its meant to withstand any weather condition as well as stand the test of time with your car.

Whether your car is black, grey, red or even pink, All-Fit offers many variations of the front lip kit. Make your Cobalt SS front lip stand out even more with a creative color and stylish front lip. Don’t just think your enhancing your vehicle but also protecting the bottom of your SS from everyday scraps and curbs. The variations are numerous at All-Fit Automotive. Don’t settle for anything less than the #1 lip kit offered in the industry for your SS. Click here to view our full selection of lip options and check out to see for yourself what makes our products the best option for your Cobalt SS's front lip.