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Perks of Offering Aftermarket Accessories | AFA Blog

Every dealership faces the challenge of standing out against the competition. Marketing and pricing can only get you so far, but one area worth exploring is offering a variety of aftermarket accessories for cars and other vehicles.

lowered modified car

The range of modifications available has increased over recent years, and you don’t want your dealership left behind. If you aren’t sure how adding these products can benefit your operation, here are some reasons why no dealership should be without a selection of aftermarket accessories:

Appeal to a Greater Customer Base

The car mod industry has experienced growth in recent years because more people see their vehicle as a reflection of their personality. It’s something they want to be proud of. As this segment of buyers grows, your dealership will want to offer aftermarket accessories to take advantage of the trend.

If you can determine the most popular additions for the models you offer, you’ll expand your customer base, because people are interested in buying a car they can make their own. For example, flex trim adds chrome or color detailing to the outside of a car, making the overall color of the vehicle really pop.

Offer Customers a Complete Shopping Experience

When a person wants to outfit their vehicle with the latest aftermarket accessories, they don’t always have the time to shop around. Also, finding pieces that will fit their vehicle from sellers can be frustrating. This is where your dealership can help. By offering aftermarket accessories for cars as part of the buying experience, you give customers a single shopping experience, so they can purchase a vehicle – and have it completely outfitted – without having to navigate the challenges of tracking down the right pieces.

Allow for a Professional Installation

Of course, getting accessories is only half the battle for vehicle owners; installing those pieces presents its own challenges. If you have an on-site mechanic, they can offer to install all of the aftermarket accessories in your inventory. By having a professional, certified mechanic attach mods, you are not only saving customers time and headache, but you can guarantee any accessory is installed correctly. That way every piece is in great working order and looks great too.

Keep Vehicles within Warranty

One of the best things about buying a car from a dealership instead of a private seller is the warranties offered. But when an owner takes their dealership vehicle and starts adding aftermarket accessories, it can void those warranties – depending on specific modification. Don’t let your customers play the guessing game when they want to install new pieces to their vehicle. By offering aftermarket accessories for cars that you sell, you can make sure everything stays under warranty and give customers that extra peace of mind.