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Scion Fr-s Lip Kit and 8 Other Hot Auto Investments

9 Accessories That Are Smart Investments for Cars

With such a large array of aftermarket accessories out there, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which accessories are a good investment and which ones actually make it harder to resell your car.

1) Rims

Pound for pound, rims are the most hassle-free, best aftermarket upgrade. New rims improve the handling of the car and are generally sought after by buyers. Putting them on your car is considered a good move by those in the know.

2) GPS Nav Systems

Who doesn’t want to know where they’re going? Aftermarket GPS nav systems are a good idea because they tend to be more durable and flexible than those built into a car. Plus, they’re designed to move from vehicle to vehicle, so having a dash-mounted GPS is perfect for buyers who have multiple cars.

3) TV/DVD Systems

These days it seems like everyone is clamoring for more entertainment on board while they drive, especially if kids are in the car. For an added bonus, consider installing satellite radio or a premium stereo package.

4) Intelligent Keys

Intelligent key systems free the driver up from having to physically turn a key to switch on the car. They can also automatically configure a car’s seating, mirrors and radio to match the driver’s tastes.

5) Lip Kits

Lip kits are great for adding a unique look to your car, but not all lip kits are created equally. For instance, if you have a Scion FR-S, you may want to get a customized Scion FR-S Lip Kit, which would be designed to fit the unique specifications of that car. However, another option would be a universal lip kit. Unlike the Scion FR-S Lip Kit, the universal lip kit easily fits any make and model of car and can be installed by yourself. Whether or not you want to customize with something like the Scion FR-S Lip Kit, at least check out All-Fit’s universal lip kit by clicking here!


6) Legal Window Tinting

If your window tinting is not street legal, it can be a hassle to sell your car, especially to dealers who are unwilling to take on the additional costs it would take to fix the situation. But if you have legal window tinting, you can raise buyer interests, since window tinting offers a level of privacy and style to your car.

7) Leather Seats

For a long time, those in the know have turned to leather seating as a sensible upgrade to increase the resale value of their car. And why not? It looks great and makes the cabin of the car feel that much more luxurious. Consider it a must-have.

8) Bluetooth-enabled devices

In a state like California, where drivers are required by law to make phone calls hands free, Bluetooth devices are essential. They don’t cost much to install so they’re an easy and sought-after upgrade.

9) Sunroof

The sunroof is much more than a simple cosmetic upgrade. It’s great on warm days and provides the car a unique look. A sunroof is pretty much guaranteed to increase the resale value of any car.