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Modding Your Toyota with All-Fit Automotive - Blog

Modding Your Toyota With All-Fit Automotive

The process of upgrading your Toyota is much like purchasing the car itself—you have to keep in consideration cost-effectiveness, functionality, and aesthetics. If you choose to modify your car, it’s important to pour the same amount of time and energy into finding the perfect addition as you did finding the right make and model. Now is not the time to cut corners.

If you’re in the market for a Toyota lip kit, you’re in luck. All-Fit Automotive’s All-Fit Lip Kit provides customers with the best method to protect their bumper from wear and tear while also providing the car with an enhanced, sporty, and sleek look.

High Quality, Low Cost

Before we came along, people who wanted a lip spoiler for their bumper were forced to buy low-quality materials that required costly professional installation. At All-Fit Automotive, we discovered a way to produce a higher quality mold whose universal fit enabled us to lower the cost of a lip kit for any Toyota. While other companies sell just front bumper lip spoilers that require professional installation for north of $100, we provide our Lip Kit from 8-feet for $35 to 14-feet (enough for the front bumper and both side skirts of most cars) for $60. Click here to view our full selection of lip kit options.

Form and Function

In essence, the Toyota lip kit serves as a chin spoiler that attaches to your bumper in order to safeguard your Toyota from the wear and tear of the road. Every car owner knows the disheartening feeling you get when you hear that scraping sound coming from your front bumper after going over a particularly steep bump. No matter how cautiously you drive, the roads are treacherous and it’s vital to protect your car. Every All-Fit Lip Kit is made from premium, U.S. manufactured material that provides the ideal defense from the nicks and scrapes that inevitably accumulate on any car.

All-Fit also provides the most comprehensive installation kit on the market, which makes upgrading your Toyota a breeze. While other universal lip kits leaves customers with just installation tape, the All-Fit Lip Kit provides automotive grade tape pre-installed and heat bonded for a clean, permanent bond, corrosion resistant self-tapping screws, and custom stamped black nylon square washers that insure a seamless and secure installation. These simple installation tools make all the difference, and help guarantee lifelong protection for your Toyota. 

The Style You Want

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Along with ensuring the long term protection of your car’s bumper, the Toyota Lip Kit makes upgrading your car with that much sought-after sporty look easy and cost-effective. If you’re looking to lower your vehicle, the Lip Kit comes in sizes of 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 inches and will lower your bumper accordingly. With a variety of available colors including red, black, silver, pink, dark gray, and white, the All-Fit Lip Kit lets you customize the paint scheme of your Toyota by subtly offsetting the vehicle’s main color.

  Along with the enhanced, sporty, and sleek look, the All-Fit Lip Kit provides improved aerodynamics which can lead to a smoother drive and better gas mileage for your Toyota. Visit us today—no other Toyota mods will give you the same bang for your buck.