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Tips For Customizing Your Integra

The Acura Integra is one of the most beloved sports cars ever manufactured by Honda Motor Corp. The Integra was sold from 1985-2006. Although the model has been discontinued, it still has a loyal following of owners. If you count yourself among this demographic, you can help keep your Integra looking fresh and performing well with these customization tips.

Exterior Customization

Upgrading the exterior of your Integra can make your car look a lot newer and individualized. Customizations to wheels and body will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

If your Integra still has factory wheels, consider upgrading to alloy or chrome. You can also increase the size of your wheels and tires to give your Integra a premium appearance.

Red Integra

Because Integras were discontinued in 2006, some drivers may be concerned that the body of the car is starting to look dated. You can make simple modifications to the exterior of your car to freshen and modernize the appearance. Adding a spoiler, a new front and rear bumper, or even a full body kit can give your Integra a major facelift.

A smaller investment with a big impact is the addition of an Integra lip kit. This can lower your car up to 1.5” without the expense and difficult installation of a body kit. An Integra lip kit will also protect your bumpers and skirts from wear and tear, an especially important consideration on an older vehicle. Check out the assortment of Integra lip kit options available from All-Fit Automotive today.

Interior Customization

While the outside of your car is important, you don’t want to neglect the interior either. You can make your Integra look like new with a few simple customizations.

Integra's Dashboard

First, take inventory of any components of your interior that are looking tired or worn. Pedals, floor mats, seat upholstery, and knobs often take a beating in an older vehicle. Instead of replacing them with factory-standard parts, try customizing with unique finishes and/or colors. Carbon fiber pedals, chrome knobs, and custom two-toned upholstery and floor mats are all popular customizations in Integras.

You can also add eye-catching customization to your Integra with premium gauges and aftermarket interior lighting. Just because Integras are older doesn’t mean they can’t sport state-of-the-art technology in the cabin!

Performance Customization

While some drivers are content to improve the look of their Integras, others aren’t satisfied until they’ve upgraded the performance as well. If you are just beginning to customize your vehicle, a high-flow catalytic converter and custom exhaust are good places to start. Just make sure you keep your state’s inspection and emissions regulations in mind!

In addition to its styling, an Integra lip kit can also offer performance benefits for your vehicle. A lip kit will increase your car’s aerodynamics and reduce drag. This also has the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency. Find your Integra lip kit at All-Fit Automotive today!