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Team Sahlen and All-Fit Automotive Form Partnership

At All-Fit Automotive, we are pleased to announce that we received one of the highest honors a company like us could ever get: a partnership with an endurance racing team!

Team Sahlen outfitted their Porsche Caymans with the All-Fit lip kit and they were so impressed with the results the lip kits brought that they decided to partner up with us.

A Bit About Team Sahlen

Who is Team Sahlen?

Team sahlen

Team Sahlen is a professional endurance sports car racing team that has been racing since 2005. They race European sports cars including Porsche Caymans. They participate in the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge within the ST class.

Team Sahlen's drivers include Nonnamaker family members (Joe, Wayne, and Will) and Joe Sahlen, the owner of Sahlen Packing Company (the team's sponsor). Team Sahlen is also promoted by Phoenix ProMotions, a car preparation shop and promotional firm that has won numerous championships.

What Kind of Racing Does Team Sahlen Do?

Team Sahlen specializes in endurance sports car racing. Endurance racing is a form of racing where multiple drivers race a car for a set amount of hours or miles. Commonly, endurance races last 600-1000 miles or 6-24 hours. An endurance sports car racing team has 2-4 drivers and a sizable crew, depending on a number of factors, including the length of the race.

Endurance sports car racing is really demanding on the cars. For a car to continually drive on a racetrack for hours without any issues, it needs to have incredibly durable and reliable parts. Endurance racing is a great way to develop and test technologies that make their way to street cars.

Team Sahlen's Notable Accolades

Team Sahlen has won many different awards and races. They placed first 9 times at Watkins Glen International. They've also won numerous awards at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course and the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park.

How the All-Fit Lip Kit Helps Team Sahlen Win Races

Lip kit

After searching high and low for an effective and durable solution that helps create more downforce and decreases drag, Team Sahlen decided to outfit their Porsche Caymans with All-Fit lip kits.

The 2 1/2" All-Fit Lip on the front of the vehicle helps prevent most of the air from flowing underneath the car. The 3 1/2" All-Fit lips on the sides keep the little air that makes it underneath the car from escaping through the sides. Instead, the air is forced out of the back of the car. This simple solution drastically improved the Caymans' lap times. It not only boosted the Caymans' top speeds, but it also increased the downforce enough to make a big difference in the Caymans' braking and handling.

Team Sahlen was even more impressed with the All-Fit lip kit's durability. During the entire duration of the 18-hour race where Team Sahlen tried out the All-Fit lip kit for the first time, they were pleasantly surprised to see how much abuse the All-Fit lip kit could withstand. "Our type of racing is long endurance events, so we had to have a material that could withstand the test on the track," Team Sahlen driver Will Nonnamaker said. Not once did the All-Fit lip kit tear or rip off the car. It survived the 18-hour-long race, all while making contact with the road during hard braking and cornering.

"To survive these conditions and enhance the aerodynamics is a humbling accomplishment,” All-Fit Automotive president AJ Dudon said.

We look forward to helping Team Sahlen win more races!