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All-Fit vs. EZ Lip

If you’re going to invest the time and money to customize your car with a do-it-yourself universal lip kit, you want to make sure to get a premium lip that will deliver the best quality, durability, and installation for your money. The two main competitors in the market are All-Fit Automotive and EZ Lip. So how do they stack up against each other?

All-Fit Automotive Lip Is Stronger.

In video side-by-side comparisons, the All-Fit lip stands up to twisting, pulling and attempts to rip it. In contrast, the EZ lip is easy to tear with your bare hands, as seen here and again in this video. Something that easy to pull apart is not likely to stand up to rough curbs and cement parking space blocks. All-Fit Automotive sells the highest-quality lip kits on the market. The All-Fit is flexible enough to fit the curves of your car’s bumper, but strong enough to guard it from everyday driving conditions.

All-Fit Universal Lip is More Durable.

In testing of All-Fit lip vs. EZ Lip and two products from a big-box home improvement store chain, All-Fit lip stands out for its durability in testing designed to simulate conditions it would face from curbs, stones and other road debris. Even when scratched at with a knife it barely showed a mark, while EZ Lip not only scratches but actually begins to shred (click here to watch the full video). It just can’t compare to All-Fit when it comes to density. A 7’ strip of EZ Lip weighs less than half of the exact same length of All-Fit lip (see the difference for yourself here). The All-Fit lip is built to last for the lifetime of your car.

All-Fit Lip Kits Includes More Hardware to Help You Get A Secure Installation.

Both products feature heat-bonded 3M tape for a simple peel-and-stick application, but only All-Fit Automotive lip kits include corrosion-resistant self-tapping screws and custom-stamped nylon square washers for additional support and an installation that will stand up to harsh weather and road conditions over time. You’ll even find a step-by-step how-to video at to show you exactly how to install your premium universal lip kit. Or click here to see how one DIY customer demonstrates how easy it was to apply an All-Fit lip to his car, complete with before and after images.

If you love the tough look of a low car but hate scrapes and dings from curbs and road debris, an All-Fit universal lip kit is your best choice. It instantly lowers your car by 1.5 inches, and its high-quality, American-made material provides durable, long-lasting protection from everyday driving conditions. It even makes your car’s aerodynamics more efficient, which can improve gas mileage and handling. It fits any vehicle and is ready to install right out of the box. Whether you’re a first–time customizer or an experienced tuner, the All-Fit universal lip kit set itself apart from EZ Lip with higher-quality lip that will look good, stay on and protect your car’s paint job for years.

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