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Top 10 Car Mod Trends

Vehicles no longer have to look like they came straight from the factory. As the price of car modifications has decreased – and their availability increased – more people are embracing little touches to make their vehicle unique. Whether you want a new exhaust to improve performance, car lip kit for added protection, or something in between, car mods can keep your investment looking great while adding a personal touch. If you are new to modding or don’t know which mod to add next, here are 10 suggestions that give you a great balance of performance and protection:

Wrap Your Car for a Fresh Look

When starting with mods, many people want something that will give their car a new look. If you don’t have the money for a complete paint job, you can still give your car a great new appearance with a wrap. Wraps come in a variety of colors and styles. The great part is you don’t have to wrap your entire vehicle. You can add accents with a racing stripe or even apply a wrap on a piece like side mirrors, hood, or even a spoiler. If you ever want to change your car back, it’s easy to pull off too.

Protect Headlights with a Tint

Headlights were once a standardized part, but they are slowly becoming very customizable. Applying a tinted film to your vehicle’s headlights is a relatively inexpensive car modification that is also super easy to install. While you’ll want to double check to make sure the film doesn’t block lights, this mod can actually help you vehicle stay bright in the long-run: by adding an extra layer of protection that prevents fading and chipping.

Make an Impression with Interior Lighting

Lighting modifications aren’t just for your vehicle’s exterior. Kits are also a popular way to add decoration to the interior of cars for a serious visual upgrade. Whether you install neon lighting to foot-wells or something a bit vibrant for your back trim, adding lights is an affordable way to really make a statement.

Add Personality to Your Car’s Upholstery

Customizing or restoring every bit of your vehicle’s interior can be cost prohibitive. But with the right car modifications and focus you can create an interior that will really pop. If you are doing a complete interior upgrade, that usually includes the upholstery. Seat covers with unique stitching can bring new life to your vehicle’s interior. The same can be said for a great looking trim wrap. And don’t forget the seatbelts. Belt mods are designed to fit many models and are a simple touch than can really add personality to your car.

Update Sound Systems with New Technology

Another popular way people improve their vehicle is by tweaking the sound system. Speakers were one of the original car modifications around as people installed large systems in their trunk or revamped interior speakers. Exterior speakers have also been catching on with people. By far the best sound modifications are embracing new digital music technology. If your vehicle is an older model, then you might invest money taking out radios and CD players for something sleeker that is MP3 or even Bluetooth compatible.

Protect Bumpers with Lips

Car modifications don’t have to strictly be about adding style. As one of the biggest purchases you’ll make your car is a huge financial investment. Why not add a mod that will protect it? No matter what roads you drive on, eventually you’ll collect dings and dents that chip away at the finish on your bumpers. By installing car lip kits you’ll protect front and rear bumpers from damaging debris. Not only will they keep your car looking great, but with the right lip you’ll minimize time (and money) spent at the maintenance shop too.

Change Tires for a Different Look

When it comes to car modifications and wheels, you might think the only mods available are for the rims. While shiny, spinning, or even illuminated hubcaps are a quick way to add a unique touch, it’s not the only mod available. When you are ready to get new tires for your ride consider going with a wider option. Not only does this give your car a different look, but it adds better traction. Tires with visible lettering – while standard at one point – is another small mod you can do when you want wheels to have an added visual pop.

Pair New Wheels with Bigger Brakes

If you are going with larger aftermarket wheels, a great pairing is to install larger breaks. It’s a great visual addition that really ties in everything with your wheel modifications. Regardless of the visual appeal, having larger brakes give you better stopping power. Not only is this a great idea for safety purposes, but it’ll come in handy if you want to make engine modifications down the road.

Engine Modding for Better Performance

For a car modification that really improves performance from a power and torque perspective, having an ECU remapping is a great way to go. This mod is tricky, and should be left to the pros. But a remap can override factory settings to get your car’s performance much nearer to its capabilities. This results in big gains and can make for a smoother drive overall.

Convert Your Car into a More Eco-friendly Machine

Finally, there’s a big push in the industry for vehicles to be more eco-friendly. While some mods – such as car lip kits – improve the aerodynamics of a car and its fuel efficiency, for a truly environmentally friendly car it’ll take a full electric conversion. Transforming your stock rod into an electric version isn’t the cheapest modification out there, and it’ll take some help. But it’s a great way to blend old school aesthetics with modern technology for a truly impressive ride.