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How a Lip Kit Can Improve Your Mazda | All-Fit Automotive

Freezing Mazda Lip Kit Modification

Modifying your Mazda can be a difficult task. You put a lot of time and investment into finding the perfect make and model of the car that fits you best, and you don’t want to throw it all away investing in an expensive yet useless mod or a cheap “upgrade” that does more harm to your vehicle than good. Mazda mods vary in price and effectiveness, but none offer the kind of bang for your buck like All-Fit Automotive’s lip kit that’s compatible with Mazdas..

360 Degree Protection

The Mazda lip kit is designed to attach to your vehicle’s front bumper, much like a chin spoiler. The front lip provides extra protection from the bumps and scratches that plague any driver who attempts to brave treacherous roads. If you need full, 360-degree protection, All-Fit Automotive offers lip kits that can be attached to your Mazda's side skirts and rear bumper. Not only will this protect your Mazda on all sides, it will effectively lower your vehicle a full inch and a half.

With a variety of colors and three different lip sizes to choose from, including the Traditional All-Fit Lip Kit (1.5-inch overhang), Mid Lip (2.5 inches), and Fat Lip (3.5 inches), All-Fit Automotive’s lip kit makes this Mazda mod quick and easy—click here to view of full selection of lip options.

Practicality Can Be Cheap

Practicality Can Be Cheap

Other Mazda mods like window tints and fancy paint jobs don’t come cheap, especially if you want them done right. All-Fit Automotive strives to provide high-quality products at affordable prices with their lip kits. While before the market was flooded with expensive, cheaply made products that were difficult to install, All-Fit’s universal lip kit provides top of the line material that’s affordable for everybody.

Customers have the option of buying Mazda lip kits for front bumpers eight, nine, or 10 feet long. Protection for your Mazda’s front bumper and side skirts (14 feet) is $60 and full protection (30 feet) is $110. Not only will the All-Fit lip kit save you money in the short term but it can also help you save over the course of your car’s life as the addition of a lip kit improves the aerodynamics of your Mazda, which can lead to better gas mileage.

Installation Is A Breeze

The Mazda lip kit also provides the most comprehensive installation kit on the market. While other universal lip kits leave customers with installation tape or a mandate to get the spoiler attached "professionally," the All-Fit Automotive strove to make the installation process as comprehensive and intuitive as possible. By providing customers with automotive grade tape pre-installed and heat bonded for a clean, permanent bond, corrosion resistant self-tapping screws, and custom stamped black nylon square washers, All-Fit includes all the tools required. With a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, and 15-minutes of free time, you can mod your Mazda for guaranteed lifelong protection from bumps and scratches.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your Mazda lip kit from All-Fit Automotive today!